Compiled By Global Fortune Creators

A. OPTION 1 (Do It Yourself)

  • Ask your host to furnish Unicity ID numbers, names and phone numbers of EN-ROLLER and SPONSOR.
  • Click the link below to access Unicity's Online Registration Form.

  • Complete the form by typing the required information and submitting the same online. Unicity will send you your Username (Unicity ID Number) and Login Password to your email address.
  • Now download and get a print of the Unicity Distributor Agreement Form. Fill it and sign it on both front and back. Scan or take a photo of both sides of the form (duly filled and signed) with your smart phone.

  • Now Login to your Unicity back office and upload your KYC documents (listed in section 'D' below). You are done.
  • Now you can shop online through your Unicity Online Office. For assistance if required contact your host.

B. OPTION - 2 (Let Your Host Do It)


  1. Please furnish information Serial No 1 to serial no 13, cited below, by an email or a whats app message to your host.
  2. On receipt of this information, your host will complete online registration and send you the scanned copy of the duly filled front part and the printed back part of Distributor Agreement Form (DAF) by email or by whats app.
  3. Download and print both the parts and get prints. Sign both and scan them.
  4. Unicity will send your Distributor Number and Login Password to your email. Look for it in SPAM mail too.


PS: Your host should not use the below given information for any purpose other than Unicity registration and Unicity related matters. Please insist for an undertaking from your host in this matter.

1) Your First Name (as shown in KYC document)

2) Your Last Name (as shown in KYC document)

3) Your Birth Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

4) Your Mobile Number

5) Your Email

6) Your Address (as shown in KYC Document)

7) PIN

8) City/town

9) State

10) PAN

11) Nominee

12) Birth date of nominee

13) Nominee's relationship with you.


  1. Update your bank details in your Unicity You can update other details on your own after registration.
  2. KYC documents should be submitted to as attachment by email to within 30 days of registration date. Otherwise your registration will be kept suspended from 31 st day.
  3. Maximum 'No Order' time is 90 days. Otherwise your registration will be terminated for non activity.

D. The Required KYC Documents In Soft Copy.

  1. Front side of the Distributor Agreement Form duly filled and signed.
  2. Printed back side of the Distributor Agreement Form duly filled and signed
  3. Address Proof (Aadhaar or Passport)
  4. PAN as ID proof and for TDS.
  5. Cancelled Bank cheque or Passbook showing name, account number, bank name, IFSC, Bank address.

E. Amendments In Personal Information After Registration

Download the amendment form, fill it, sign it , take a photocopy and email it from your email registered with Unicity to

F. Post Registration Assistance

Call Unicity Toll Free Customer Care No 1800 102 2467