One of the most important factors in building a successful Unicity business is to follow a proven system that will create a leveraged income for you and everyone who joins your team. It must be a system that your Distributors can easily duplicate as they follow your example.

The GFC Training System is a simple, step-by-step training, built on the core fundamental of building a successful network marketing business. If you follow this system EXACTLY as it is outlined, it will act as a road map and show you what you need to do to achieve your dreams and goals with Unicity.

Welcome to the GFC Training System!


STEP 1: Become a Distributor and Get Your Distributor ID#

Your sponsor will walk you through this process to make it easy for you.

It is also explained in our dashboard. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THAT PAGE.

STEP 2: Place Your First Product Order

Here are three reasons you need to place a start up product order:

  1. To experience our products. If you are going to talk with confidence about the products offered by Unicity, you need to use them.
  2. To keep a small amount of product on hand. This is for your new and existing customers. Each time people say they would like to try one of our products, you want to get them started immediately.
  3. To qualify to start earning commissions. Almost everyone who joins you will get started the same way you get started. What size order do you want duplicated by those who join you?


Your sponsor will walk you through the ordering process to make it easy for you.

It is also explained in our dashboard. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THAT PAGE.

STEP 3: Complete Dream and Goal Lists

List the top three reasons you started your Unicity business:

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

What does your dream home look like?

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

What kind of a car would you like to drive?

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

Where would you like to travel in the world?

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

Who would you like to help and why?

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

List the top three things you will do to improve your health:

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

List the top three ways your life will improve when you reach your goals:

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

How many people are you committed to sponsor in your first 90 days?

Day 01 to 30 __________

Day 31 to 60 _________

Day 61 to 90 _________

What are your income goals for your first six months?

Month #1 ___________

Month #2 ___________

Month #3 ___________

Month #4 ___________

Month #5 ___________

Month #6 ___________

STEP 4: Make A Commitment To Your Business

It is required to achieve any significant goal. Think of your greatest achievement and the commitment it required. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

My commitment is ...

  • ________________________
  • ________________________

STEP 5: Block Out Time To Build Your Business

You need to treat your Unicity business like a business. It means blocking out your time each day to engage in the activities required to be successful.

STEP 6: Make List Of Everyone You Know

The people you now are those most likely to be interested in your Unicity products and business. Start making a list as shown in the table and then continue on paper pad or your computer.

STEP 7: Schedule Your First Three Presentations

As you get started, you must set up your first three presentations. A member of your up line will give these presentations while you watch and learn. Schedule the day(s) and time(s) for your first three presentations.

Presentation #1: _____________

Presentation #2: _____________

Presentation #3: _____________

STEP 8: Prepare For Dream Stealers

As you start building your business, it is likely that some people will try to discourage you. If these people care about you, encourage them to learn about the business before offering their opinion.


Of all the information contained within this training program, this lesson is the most important for you to learn, refine and ultimately master. The reason is simple ... if you are not successful in getting people to review the Unicity business opportunity, you will also be not successful in building a network of distributors.

The ultimate goal of the invitation call is to gain an agreement from the people you are calling to meet with you for one of the following three types of presentations ...

One -On-One Presentation

This is when you meet someone privately to introduce the business.

Two -On-One Presentation

This is when you and someone in your up line meet with one of your prospects. The person in your up line will present the business while you will watch and learn.

Small Group Presentation

This is when you invite someone to a meeting with small number of guests and the business is presented to the entire group at one time.

There are three major objectives of an invitation call. These are also referred as to the three 'C's.

  1. Create Curiosity: Arouse interest and curiosity so that the people you contact will WANT to learn about your business.
  2. Control Yourself: You will want to control yourself from answering questions or getting into the details of our business.
  3. Commitment: Gain a firm commitment on the time and the place where you are going to meet.


STEP 1: Prepare For The Phone Call

As you get ready to make your invitation calls, find a quiet place where you can make calls without distractions. Once you are in a quiet place, take a few minutes and reflect on your primary reasons for building your business. This will help serve as a motivation source when preparing to make your calls.

STEP 2: Make The Call

Always call with positive expectations. Keep your energy level high; speak with confidence and controlled enthusiasm. If you are passionate about what you are doing, then make sure you sound like it.

STEP 3: After A Friendly Hello, Determine Availability

After a pleasant hello, determine if the person you are calling is busy on another line or doing something that would distract him or her from listening to you. If the person is busy, ask, " When would it be a good time for me to call back?" and schedule a time to call again.

STEP 4: Compliment Your Prospect

As you prepare to call someone, think about their positive traits. When you compliment people, it makes them feel good and usually results in their being more open minded. It also positively influences how they feel about you.

STEP 5: Confidently Give Your Invitation, Compliment Your Prospect

The main objective with your invitation is to create interest. The less you say during your invitation, the better. Be authentic, be confident and never say anything that would be perceived as begging them to look at your business.

If you are intentional in what you say, you will be highly successful gaining positive agreements from people to learn about Unicity. If on the other hand, you talk too much because you are either not prepared or lack self control, you will likely struggle and get a low percentage of people who accept your invitation.

9 Invitation Scripts

As you read each of these options, highlight the ones you would feel most comfortable using.


"I have just a minute, but wanted to give you a call. What is your schedule this week and when we could meet? I have something I would like to discuss with you." Proceed to set up a time to get together.


"With all the uncertainty in my career, I have made the decision to diversify my income. In looking at my options, I made the decision to start working with a major international company operating in more than 50 countries that is expanding in our region. I don't know if what I am doing would be of interest to you, but if it is, I would enjoy working with you to develop this area. Would you be open to learning more about what we are doing?"


"The longer I worked at my job, the more I realized I would never achieve my goals working there. In evaluating my options, I came across a highly respected international company operating in more than 50 countries. They are now expanding into our region and I have agreed to take on a leadership role. As I thought of the people who would be perfect for this business, I thought of you. Would you be open to meeting for a cup of coffee and seeing if this may be the right fit for you?"


"I am working with a small group of entrepreneurs, medical professionals and business professionals who are heading up the expansion of a unique franchising opportunity in your area. As I thought of qualified people that I would really enjoy working with, I thought of you. Would you be open to hearing what we are doing?"


"Just between you and me, are you at a point in your life where you would be open to considering an option to diversify your income, if it did not interfere with your main stream career?" If yes, invite them to meet with you.


"I am curious; just between you and me, have you ever considered starting your own part-time business?" If yes, ask what he/ she has considered. When appropriate, invite him/ her to meet with you.


"Could you do me a favor?" (Sure.) "I have started my own part-time business and I am really excited about its potential. I know you have a great deal of experience in (sales, marketing, business ...) and I would like to ask if you would be willing to take a look at my business and give me some feedback and perhaps some advice?"


"There is a rapidly growing international company expanding its operations here in the are. They are looking for people with your skill-set to help with their expansion. If it had significant potential and would not jeopardize what you are currently doing, would you be open to learning what they can offer you?"


"Doctor ______, if there was a program available that could help you help your patients with metabolic syndrome that was natural, safe, physician endorsed and could provide an additional revenue stream to your practice, would you want to know more about it?"

A Follow-up Response

If someone seems hesitant after hearing one of your invitations or if someone responds with a negative comment, here are the responses you can give, "I have the utmost respect for you. When I thought of people that I like and would enjoy working with, I put your name on a short list. If you don't have an interest in learning more, that is fine. I was thinking of you." Then wait for a response.

Inviting Through Email or SMS

The only time to ever consider using email, SMS or social media in the invitation process is to send a personalized, direct message to schedule an appointment to talk by phone or to meet in person. Mass invitations sent to everyone you know, whether it be by email, an online invitation service or through a social media site ate NOT effective when inviting people to learn about our business.

Here is an example using email to schedule a time over the phone.

"Hi ..........

I hope you had a great weekend.

I would like to talk with you for 5-10 minutes sometime in the next couple of days. Would you be available to talk tomorrow evening between 6:00 and 8:00 or Wednesday afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00? If those times don’t work, please give me a couple times that work for you. Please confirm the number you want me to use.

Thank you.

(Your Name)"

Here is an example of using SMS messaging to schedule an appointment.

"I have something I would like to kick around with you. Would you be available for a 10-minute call after you get home for work?"

You might have noticed that none of the scripts used the word “Product”, nor did they say anything about any part of our business. The key to creating curiosity and interest is to not give any details

STEP 6: Prepare For Questions

If you are successful in arousing interest and curiosity, it is likely that you will be asked questions because your prospects will be interested. It is important to anticipate their questions and be prepared to immediately address them with confidence.

General Response

This is a great response to 90% of the questions you get. "(Name), when I was first introduced to this business, I had lot of questions, and you will too. This is not a business that can be effectively explained over the phone. You need to see what we are doing to truly understand it. If you don't mind let us get together so I can show you what I am doing and then I can answer all your questions. What does your schedule look like over the next couple days and when we can meet for a cup of coffee or tea?

Network Marketing

If someone asks if it is network marketing, say "(Name), our business model is built on the strengths of business concepts, including network marketing. When you learn more about our company and what we are doing, I believe you will see what makes us unique. I was very skeptical at first, but I have really been impressed with what I have seen. What does your schedule look like over the next day or so and when we could get together?"

STEP 7: Get A Firm Commitment

When people agree to learn about the Unicity business, you then need to get a FIRM commitment from them, either to meet or to talk again. FIRM means definite, exact, for sure - not “maybe” or “perhaps”; not “I’ll try” or, “If I can.” If you are meeting for a personal presentation, secure a FIRM commitment for a time and place where you will meet.

STEP 8: Get Off The Phone

After you have a firm commitment, you want to gracefully end the conversation as soon as possible. If you continue with small talk after you have a commitment, your prospect will likely ask questions about your business. The best way to end a conversation is by saying something positive like, “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at 7:00.”

Final Tips

As you read each of these options, highlight the ones you would feel most comfortable using.

Set the example

Remember, the duplication process begins with your invitation call. When you invite someone to look at our business, you must recognize the fact that you are teaching them how to invite.

Evaluate your performance

After each call, evaluate what you have said. Ask yourself, "How did I do?" As you strive for excellence in the invitation process, you will want to continue to refine your approach.

Be professional

Treat people with respect and courtesy. Be a good listener and remain considerate of other's opinions.

Be disciplined

One of the greatest keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it. Challenge yourself to be disciplined and consistent in your prospecting efforts. people like you are succeeding every day. Believe in yourself and you too can achieve whatever you desire!


The three most popular ways to present the Unicity business are ...

One -On-One Presentation

This is when you meet privately with one of your prospects to give a personal presentation. You might meet in their home or a local coffee shop or a restaurant or some other location free of distractions.

Two -On-One Presentation

This is when you and one of your up line partners meet together with one of your prospects. During this presentation, you will watch one of your up line partners present the business to one of your key contacts. This provides you with an opportunity to learn how to present your business to others.

Small Group Presentation

For this type of presentation, you will invite a small group of people to your home or some other location free of distractions. At this presentation, one of your up line partners will introduce Unicity business to your entire group at one time. This is a productive way to introduce your business because it involves introducing a group of people to your business at the same time.

Large Group Presentation

These meetings generally take place in hotels or banquet halls or private rooms in a restaurants. These presentations are most effective in providing more information to people who have already been introduced to your business through a personal presentation. They hear stories from other successful distributors in these meetings.


The people you introduce to Unicity will fall into one of the three categories, based on their area or level of interest.


People who have no interest

When you have introduced our business to people who show no interest in our products or business, here is what you should do:

  • Stay calm and do not pressure them or make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Remain upbeat and do not appear to be disappointed or discouraged.
  • Thank them for taking their time to review your business.
  • Ask for referrals if you feel the person might be willing to give them.
  • Request permission to stay in touch. "Would you mind if I stayed in touch with you from time to time to let you know how things are going?"


Potential Consumers - These are people who have an interest in using one or more of our products

When you have introduced the Unicity business people who have an interest in using our products before considering our business, here is what you should do:

  • Answer any questions they may have about our product(s).
  • Explain the price.
  • Highlight the money back guarantee.
  • Ask for a decision. If the decision is positive, arrange a time to get together. The sooner you can schedule this appointment, the better. Be sure to always keep a small inventory on hand so you can get your customers started while their interest is high.


Potential Distributors - These are people whose primary interest is in the Unicity business opportunity

When people are open to learning more about our business, your next step is to build their belief in three areas:

  • In the key elements of our business that are important to them. For some people, this may be the revenue sharing pla,. For others, it may be that they need to learn more about our products.
  • In our ability to help them. Remember, not only are people evaluating business, but they are also evaluating whether they feel you can help them.
  • In their ability to build a successful business with Unicity. One of the questions on everyone's mind is, "Can I be successful? Is this something I can do?"You want to be very intentional about building people's confidence in themselves and in their ability to achieve their goals as members of your business organization.


Here are some questions you can ask to help you determine a person's interest:

  • What one item impressed you the most about what you just heard?
  • If you were going to consider the business, why would you?
  • How much income per month would you need to make to catch your attention?
  • If you considered the business, how much time could you invest into your new Unicity business?
  • Do you see yourself compiling a team of business builders or sharing products only?


Step 1:

Strengthen Relationships With Prospective Business Partners

This business is all about relationships. Show an interest in others and the things that are important to them. Building meaningful relationships are not only necessary for people to choose to work with you, but they are also the glue that holds your business together.

Step 2:

Identify People’s Reasons For Considering Your Business

Learning the reasons people would consider this business allows you to show them how this business can help them achieve their goals. The best question to ask is, “Why would consider doing a business such as this?”

Encourage them to talk about their needs and desires. Have them elaborate on each point and listen carefully. Often there is a list of reasons, and you want to make sure you understand each of their top reasons.

Step 3:

Determine What Your Prospective Business Partners Need To Know About The Business In Order To Make A Decision

By understanding exactly what a person needs to know in order to make a decision, you can then focus your time discussing those things, rather than guessing what they need to know.

The best question to ask is, “Based on the information you have reviewed thus far, what else do you need to know in order to make a decision as to whether this is something you would have an interest in pursuing?”

Step 4:

Provide The Information In A Positive, Helpful Manner

After learning what your prospective business partners still think they need to know to make a decision, spend your time talking only about those points. Ask good questions and listen well. Don't talk too much. Be sure to address their questions and/or concerns and be careful not to address concerns they don't have.

As you go through each point and before moving on to the next point, ask if your response answered their question. Make sure they are comfortable with your response. Once you have addressed a point to their satisfaction, continue until each point has been discussed to their satisfaction.

Step 5:

Ask For A Decision

When you are successful in building your prospects’ belief and confidence in our business and in their ability to succeed, they will generally be ready to get started. Sometimes they will tell you they are ready to get started; sometimes you will need to ask for the decision.

When asking for a decision, be sensitive and perceptive. Be aware of the signals your prospect is sending you. If you sense someone is not prepared to make a decision, don’t push it. When people are not ready to make a decision, something is holding them back and you need to identify what it is.

On the other hand, if you’re talking with someone who is positive about your business, you need to ask for a decision. Here is the best question to ask, “Now that we have talked about each of the things you wanted to learn more about, would you like to know your next step?” If yes, explain the process to become a Distributor.

Once you explain to people how to get started, then you want to ask for the final decision to get started.

Getting Your New Distributors Started

Getting your new distributors started correctly will prove to be one of the most crucial steps to your success in building a team of business owners. It is important not only to get your new partners started correctly, but also to understand that how to get them started becomes the pattern they will use to get their new people started.


Go to our dashboard and refer to "How To Join Unicity". The link is ...


Your next step is to request them to visit GFC Training System Link on the internet ...

Ask them to read it carefully and complete the assignment. Once you have reviewed their homework, set up a time to meet within the next 48 hours to review the eight steps to getting started. This in person meeting is often referred to as a strategy session.


It is extremely important to have this strategy session within 48 hours to keep the positive momentum moving. If you do not have the strategy session within 48 hours, their interest generally drops, life's demands take over and getting new distributors started becomes more difficult.

If your new partner is local, it is best to conduct the strategy session when you can meet together, rather than over the phone. Try to set up this appointment at a location with internet access.

Block out two hours for this strategy session so you will have ample time to answer questions and complete all the steps without rushing. When people don't have many questions, you can comfortably go through the process in just over one hour.

Once the appointment is set, encourage your new partners to not to talk to anyone about until they are properly trained. When you meet, you will review the information below.



Become a Unicity Business Partner: If your new partner has not already enrolled as a Unicity Distributor, now is the time.


Place Your Product Order: As you cover this step, make sure your new partners understand the reasons to purchase some of our products when getting started. help them place this order.


Complete Your Dreams and Goals List: During this step, go over your new partners’ goals and let them explain and expand on their reasons for joining your team. The more excited people are about reaching their goals, the more coach-able they will be as you cover the remaining steps. It also sets a positive tone for the meeting.


Make A Commitment: In this step, identify your new partners’ commitment to their new business. Simply ask them to tell you about their commitment to their business.


Block Out Time: As you cover this step, identify the periods of time that your new partners are committed to setting aside to build their business. Let them know the times you have set aside to work your business. You want to identify blocks of time when both of you are available so you can establish the best times to work together.

It is also important that the amount of time they are allocating to their business is consistent with their goals.


Make A List Of Those You Know: As you review this step, ask if your new partners have begun to make their list. If yes, take a few minutes and look over the list. Congratulate them on what they have done thus far and encourage them to be creative and expand the list to as many people as they can.


Put Your Plan Together: When you cover this step, schedule your new partners’ first two to three presentations. This is very important to keep the momentum going.


Prepare For Dream Stealers: Mark sure your new partners are prepared for dream stealers and are not caught off guard when someone tries to discourage them.


After you have gone over each of the eight steps and you are concluding your time together, you want to do two things.

  1. Give the next assignment, which is to read Step 2 in this program titled “Inviting.” Remind them to not say anything to anyone until they are properly trained.
  2. Schedule a phone call within the next 24 hours to discuss what they’ve learned and to help them put together their invitation scripts. This phone appointment can be accomplished in a 30-minute conversation. This is a very important step, because it will help bring clarity to what they should say, so they don’t ruin their best contacts by saying the wrong thing.

When you have successfully covered these eight steps to getting started and set up the next appointment to discuss how to invite people correctly, you are done.