Each year sees a host of familiar and new engineering-based attractions from some of the most innovative companies in the UK. See below for a selection of 2017's attractions. 2018's attractions coming soon!

Lauren Richardson Airshows

Meet Lauren Richardson, one of the top aerobatic display pilots in the UK. Flying a beautiful and iconic aerobatic biplane, both as an airshow pilot and competitive sport aerobat, Lauren first trained as an engineering apprentice before funding her ambition to become a pilot. As well as flying, Lauren now works as an aerospace engineer.

Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd.

Yamazaki Mazak is the world's largest manufacturer of computer controlled (CNC) metal-cutting machines.

Mazak supports the manufacturing of Formula 1 racing car components by uncompromised high-precision machining. McLaren has a total of 25 machines installed at the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey, UK including multi-tasking and multi-axis machines.

British Armed Forces

The army will be attending Get up to Speed this year to explain how engineering helps the armed forces to keep Britain safe. As part of their display, they will be bringing a Husky Vehicle.

Husky is a protected support vehicle, providing a highly mobile and flexible load carrying platform.

The Husky was designed for a range of missions in Afghanistan, including transporting food, water and ammunition, and acting as a command vehicle.

Vulcan to the Skies trust with the Build a Plane Project

The Youth Build a Plane project was set up to inspire and encourage young people from Goole and East Yorkshire to gain skills in aviation and engineering. The Spirit Of Goole project has taken two and a half years and has seen more than 50 young people building their own light aircraft, a British design and manufactured kit plane called The Sherwood Ranger.

This year, Get up to Speed will have two of the planes to display, with one finished model and one under construction.

University of Lincoln Robotics, VR and 3D Printing

3D printed humanoid robots will be at Get up to Speed this year, as part of the latest research by UoL into human computer interaction.

Star Wars Robots will also be in attendance, with a fully 3D printed R2D2 and BB-8, demonstrating the fusion of engineering, programming and 3D printing.

The University will also be bringing their Virtual Reality system, offering visitors the chance to tour the University's facilities with a virtual tour of their new Isaac Newton Engineering building. You can literally walk (on a new device) in VR without moving in physical space.

The final piece to an amazing line-up is their Virtual Reality Blacksmith Forge, where you can make items in VR and then 3D print them. From virtuality to reality!

Aquarius Rail Ranger

Come and see Aquarius Rail's Ranger, an off-road vehicle that can also drive on rails like a train!

Capable of loads of one tonne, the ranger is used by the rail industry for various on-track applications including welding, autumn leaf adhesion problems, tackling ice on the rails, maintenance, track inspection and Mobile Asset Management.

F1 Showcars sponsored by Exel

Follow in the footsteps of the great racing drivers, as you navigate your way around the famous Silverstone Racing Circuit.

With realistic formula one racing simulation and feedback, the F1 Simulator is guaranteed to give you an experience not to forget.

* Three authentically positioned race seats

* Built in sound system

* Virtual reality goggles

* Force feedback steering wheels and pedals

University of Sheffield Glider, Robotics, VR & more...

This year the University of Sheffield will be bringing a host of attractions to Get up to Speed.

With an 18m wingspan, you won't miss their student society's human powered glider (pictured), whilst they will be demonstrating engineering through everything from a candyfloss machine to Virtual Reality suite, robotics demonstrations and much more.

Scalextric Challenge sponsored by Made in Sheffield & the Manufacturer's Forum

Made in Sheffield and the Manufacturing Forum are sponsoring Dave Mappin Racing's huge 10m x 10m track with multiple cars for group racing!

Made In Sheffield is one of the worlds great brands, made famous internationally as a mark of origin and quality on the city's manufactured products.

The Manufacturing Forum’s objective is to support and promote manufacturing businesses in the Sheffield City Region. They aim to do this by Informing, Influencing and encouraging Innovation.

Pauley VR & Augmented Reality

Pauley are bringing a host of VR and AR kit with them this year, to show how these immersive tools can be used to enhance business operations.

They are a team of UK-based, highly skilled, highly experienced software specialists that deliver innovative and effective digital training, learning & development tools, as well as other digital content.

Lincoln Welding's Virtual Welder

This year Lincoln Welding will be bringing their ever popular virtual welder again.

Try your hand at welding, with this VR station. Designed to be used as a training aid in businesses, attendees can see the skill involved in the different forms of welding that are used throughout the engineering world.

Santander's Spin to Win Bike Challenge

VIP Lunch Sponsors Santander, will be bringing along their #spintowin cycling challenge. Try your hand at setting the fastest time with a short sprint, to win a prize!

Wosskow Brown with Sheffield Sharks

Wosskow Brown will be attending again with speedway and cycling attractions, and this year Sheffield Sharks Basketball team will also be in attendance.

Rolls Royce Engine

Rolls Royce will be providing a jet engine for visitors to view this year at Get up to Speed.

Get to see a real life jet engine up close and see the quality British engineering which makes Rolls Royce one of the world leaders in engine technology!

Bloodhound Super Sonic Car - Education Vehicle

After last year's amazing replica of the Bloodhound SSC at Get up to Speed, this year, the team will be bringing along an educational version, with interactive features for visitors to learn more about the world land speed attempt by the team and the incredible engineering that is helping to bring the dream closer to reality.

RNN Group

This year the RNN Group will be bringing a host of attractions including an entire engine block for demonstrations of the inner workings of engines, light display cube and circuits, games and competitions and even a drag race bike (pictured)!

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing Hang Glider

Take to the skies (or at least off the ground) with this hang glider simulator from the AMRC.

Dr Tim Swait ( a keen hang glider pilot himself) will be providing this simulator, giving visitors the chance to try out a hang glider first hand!