Get The Heck Out of Congress!

And elect a real progressive to represent WA District 10

You probably already heard that Denny Heck opposes Medicare for All, even though a majority of Democratic representatives in Congress support it. But did you know that...

Denny Heck has also sided with the Republicans against the majority of his own party to cut $8.7 billion from food stamps, expedite natural gas exports, fund more fossil fuel research and development, reject protections for forests from dangerous logging practices, support the endless war on terror, for new “cruise missile” nuclear weapons, and multiple banking deregulation measures that have weakened Dodd-Frank?

Denny has a well established record of putting corporate profits over people, and it’s not hard to see why. The banking and insurance industries are bankrolling his campaign, and he gets the vast majority of his support from the business community. If we are ever going to achieve the progressive change our nation and world so desperately needs, then we are going to have to replace Trump, the Republicans, and corrupt establishment Democrats in Congress with representatives who will reject corporate money, stand up to corporate power, and put people over profits.

You can find out more about Denny Heck's regressive voting record, progressive bills he does not support, and his campaign financing on the following documents.

Denny Heck anti-progressive congressional voting record
Progressive Bills Denny Heck Does Not Support
WIP - Denny Heck Does Not Represent the People

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