So why badging and why should you care?

I remember in college learning to code on Code Academy and I was so impressed with all the badges you could earn for coding (like the 100 day streak badge). I liked sharing and showing off these badges but I also realized that the badge represented something more than just a reward. I didn't code for 100 days in a row so I can get some digital badge, but because, I loved coding. It turns out the BADGE represented WHAT I accomplished but my WHY was that, I wanted to be good at coding. Too many times we dangle a carrot in front of our kids and gives them rewards without them ever taking a minute to understand why they were doing it in the first place.

BadgeU aims to reclaim your classroom through intrinsic self motivation by capturing those moments that grades could never capture. Things like kindness, empathy, tenacity and creativity can now be acknowledged, celebrated and captured using a digital badge!

Step 1 - Get BadgeU Add-On and Download the Teacher Template

Step 2 - Create the Kid Template (to be shared with kids later)

Step 3 - Connect the Kid Template and the Teacher Template (so you can distribute badges)

Step 4 - Create a Badge Code, Name and Requirements

Step 5 - Create Badge Image in Google Drawings

Step 6 - Claim a badge

Leaderboard (Beta)

To run the Leaderboard you need two documents

      1. Leaderboard Google Sheet
      2. Leader Google Form

Watch the video below to see how to get your Leaderboard set up!


How do I distribute copies of the badge template to kids?

We recommend uploading the Kid Badging Template as a Google Classroom assignment. This ensures that every kid gets exactly one copy. It also allows the teacher to have quick access to all the kids templates.

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