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Seeking alternative energy providers , food and agriculture, healing arts, environment, education and community-building organizations, as well as, artists, musicians and vendors to


Aug. 9-11, 2019 in Asheville, NC.

The 2nd Biennial Get Off The Grid Fest Music Fest and Sustainability Expo showcases sustainable lifestyle in four areas — energy and environment, food and agriculture, health and wellness, arts and community. Get Off The Grid Fest aims to collaborate with renewable energy and sustainable living enthusiasts, homesteaders, performers, organizations and vendors by providing a forum where people share tools, ideas, workshops and stories about getting off the grid.

Get Off The Grid Fest is seeking individuals and organizations to link people who have know-how with those who are interested in making a commitment to energy independence and sustainable living. Please click on the applicable category to find out more about participating in Get Off The Grid Fest.

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The three-day festival opens on Friday afternoon at 4 pm and continues until Sunday at 6 pm. Throughout the festival, organizations, individuals and companies will give workshops on sustainable living and alternative energy. Also, three stages will showcase live music and performing arts throughout the weekend and into the evenings.

The festival will feature some of the most popular and established performing artists in the region as well as a number of rising Appalachian musical stars. Dave “the Green Cowboy” Freeman is our keynote speaker. Already it is shaping up to be a robust festival with panel discussions on Climate Change and Justice in North Carolina, Renewable Energy Policy in North Carolina and Green Jobs and workshops and presentations varying from solar installation to environmental justice to sustainable building techniques to goat herding to biodynamic regenerative agriculture to faith-based environmental stewardship; the long list is even more diverse.

This year's event will be held over the weekend of August 9-11 in the Big Berea Pasture at Warren Wilson College just east of Asheville, North Carolina. We look forward to hosting several thousand participants who will help us co-create a glimpse of the future of energy and festival production in the pasture.

Get Off The Grid Fest, LLC is a not-for-profit festival coordinated by a network of like-minded folks and organizations who believe “everybody needs a little power in their life.” We invite you to help create a sustainable future in rural communities.

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