Linksys Extender Setup - Linksys WiFi Extender Setup -

The Linksys Extender is a device that provides an excellent solution to poor or no signal issues. It helps in extending the wireless range of your main router. Hence, it acts as a network repeater for the wireless signal. These extenders let you repeat the wireless signals of any access point for better connectivity and speed. Moreover, you can consider it as a bridge for wired devices.

The Linksys Extender Setup process is simple and straightforward. It does not require you to go or opt for any technical expert's assistance. Also, the users with no technical knowledge can have an easy Linksys Extender Setup.

For this, we advise you to read this article, where you will get detailed information about the steps to perform for your Linksys Extender Setup.

Linksys Extender Setup Steps (Manual Procedure)

Go through the below-mentioned procedure carefully to perform the Linksys Extender Setup successfully. We have divided the whole process into few stages for your better understanding.

Stage 1 - Linksys Extender Setup Preparations

  • At the first stage of Linksys Extender Setup, you have to unbox the Linksys Smart WiFi first.

  • After that, put off the packaging material, including tapes and plastic covers, from your extender.

  • Next, hold the power cable and link it with your extender.

  • Connect it’s another end to a wall socket.

  • If you are using the wall plug extender, then plug the Linksys Extender within the electrical source.

  • After you complete this part, provide the power supply to your extender.

  • Further, wait for a few of seconds and check if the extender's light blinks green.

Stage 2 - Connection of Linksys Extender with Computing Device

  • After completing the Linksys Extender Setup preparations, you have to move forward to form a strong connection between your Linksys Extender and the computing device.

  • For this, you have to use any of the connection from wired or non-wired.

  • Hence, to connect with a wired connection, take the Ethernet cable's help.

  • Alternatively, you can establish the connection through the WiFi network too.

  • For this, use the default name of the extender's network to proceed with the Linksys Extender Setup.

Stage 3 - The Use of Preferred Web Browser

  • Now, you have to launch the web browser as per your choice. You can do it using a laptop or computer.

  • After that, look for the search address bar.

  • Then, type the URL ''

  • After that, press the enter button of your system's keyboard.

Stage 4 - Linksys Extender Setup Page Welcome

  • As a result of searching the above-stated URL, the welcome page of Linksys Extender Setup loads on your system's screen.

  • On that page, you will find the 'end user license agreement' link.

  • Hence, you have to click on the same and read all the terms & conditions without skipping anything.

  • After that, select the checkbox stating 'I accept the end-user license agreement' option.

  • Then, simply click on the 'start setup' button and go further with the procedure.

Stage 5 - Preferred WiFi Network Selection

  • Afterward, the users are recommended to select the preferred WiFi network connection to ensure that it is the same network to which the system and the router are connected.

  • After that, you have to input the password of the network that you had chosen within the given space.

  • Then, hit the 'next' option.

Stage 6 - Accessing the Wireless Network Configuration Page

  • As a result, the wireless network configuration screen will open on your system.

  • Now, make sure that you have both the extenders (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with you in the case of dual-band extenders.

  • After you select any one of them that you wish to connect, input the SSID password and click on the 'next' button.

Stage 7 - Customization of the Linksys Extender SSID and Password

  • After you select the preferred band, a new page will open in front of you.

  • Here, you will find the option to customize the SSID and password for your Linksys.

  • We recommend making the necessary changes if required.

  • Then, click on the 'next' option.

Now, you will receive the notification stating that your Linksys Extender Setup is successful.

See how easy we have made the Linksys Extender Setup process for you with these simple steps. Now, you can proceed with the setup procedure without any hesitation or looking for any technical help.