contact lenses in Australia

Types Of Contacts To Choose From

In the old days, contact lenses were either hard or soft, but nowadays there are many different options to choose from. Some can be worn longer than others, and some work better for different types of vision correction. Good optometrists will usually steer their patients toward the style they consider the most suitable, but customers who buy contact lenses online may need some extra guidance. The following are some of the most recommended types of contact lenses in Australia.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Customers who need standard single-vision correction can choose among several types of contacts. Daily disposable lenses, for example, are the simplest and most convenient solution for many people since they require no care or storage. These lenses are also idea for people who suffer from allergies, since allergy symptoms tend to increase protein deposits that build up on lenses over time.

Extended-Wear Lenses

Another convenient option is extended-wear lenses, which can be left in the eyes for up to a week. However, they do need to be removed regularly for cleaning, and some doctors recommend that users remove them at night to protect their eyes. Wearing contacts decreases the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes, which can increase the risk of infection.

Longer-Use Lenses

Other types of contacts are designed to be worn daily (but not nightly) for two weeks, one month, or three months. All of these lenses require regular cleaning, but they are all replaced frequently enough that there is little risk of getting an eye infection. In general, the longer-use lenses are somewhat less expensive than those that require frequent replacement.

Multifocal Lenses

For customers who are experiencing a decline in their near vision but also need correction for their distance vision, bifocal or multifocal lenses may be necessary. Just like glasses, multifocal lenses provide two or more different prescriptions in a single lens.

Toric Lenses

This type of lens is for people with astigmatism, a condition that results from an irregularly shaped cornea and causes blurred vision at all distances. Toric lenses are made to fit an eye with astigmatism, and they are weighted at the bottom so that they remain stable. This type of lens can be hard to fit and tends to be more expensive, but many customers have found that they can get it cheaper online than in stores.

For many customers, buying Contact Lenses Online is a great way to save both money and time. The key is to find a reputable online store with a wide variety of products and styles at discount prices.