AOL MAIL Login : Features, Services & Common Error Messages

AOL is an American web portal and an online service provider based in New York City. It is a division of Verizon communications. Along with this, AOL Mail is a web-based email service offered by AOL and is free of cost. Moreover, the users don’t have to pay to take benefits of the AOL services.

People across the world access AOL mail for their personal as well as professional use. However, it can be used for mailing purposes and has a lot more to offer to its valuable customers. Thus apart from mailing, AOL has a wide range of services. So, below we have mentioned the services that are free and are offered by AOL.

Services offered by AOL

The user can access their AOL Mail account through their smartphone, laptop, or their system. Additionally, the user can also download and install the AOL application on their smartphone. Moreover, to access the services offered by AOL, the user will have to visit is the official portal from where the user can easily explore all services offered by AOL. Thus, below mentioned are the services provided by AOL. So, check out the information provided below and get familiar with the services offered by AOL.

AOL Mail: It is a free account service with world-class spam and virus protection features and provides free email support. It is a personal web-hosting service that lets the user create a simple landing page, including personal details such as who they are and what do they do in one link.

Mapquest: It is a travel website that gives users a new and fresh look. So, reach from point A to point B and don’t forget to miss any stuff in-between.

So, mentioned above are the services offered by AOL. Moreover, for all users, we have discussed the AOL Mail features and actions. So, check out the details provided below.

AOL Mail Features

AOL Mail enables the users to customize their experience with a wide variety of features and manage the AOL calendar, organize the AOL Mail, create and use folders, and much more. So, AOL Mail features include:

File attachment: Through this option, the user can add files in the image, audio, video, or text document format. Moreover, the file attachment limit is up to 25MB.

Font Type: This feature of AOL Mail allows the user to change the text's font when writing a mail message. Hence there are 9 fonts available with AOL Mail, i.e., Comic Sans, Impact, Georgia, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, WingDings, and Verdana.

Font Size: The user can change the text message font size in an email.

Text Emphasis: It allows users to emphasis texts in the email message by making it italic, bold, or underline.

With these features, formatting of mail gets easy in AOL Mail.

Common Error Messages in AOL Mail

AOL Mail is known for its advanced mailing features, but sometimes users get trapped with the AOL Mail errors. However, AOL errors are easy to fix. If any user fails to resolve the issue, they must contact the AOL customer service team for assistance. Meanwhile, below mentioned are some common error messages in AOL Mail. Thus, if any user encounters any of these errors, they can take help from the AOL experts.

  • Blerk! Error 1

  • GAH! Error 1111

  • GAH! Error 2

  • Blerk! Error 3

  • Blerk! Error 4

  • Blerk! Error 5

  • GAH! Error 7

  • ZOIDS! Error 8

  • ZOIDS! Error 9

  • GAH! Error 11

  • Blerk! Error 13

  • GAH! Error 15

  • ZOIDS! Error 16

All discussed above are the most common Error messages in AOL Mail that the user encounters. Moreover, apart from this, there are many more errors that the user faces while using the AOL account. The users are advised to take help from AOL professionals to get the solution for the issues related to the AOL account.