Our Philosophy

With over 25 years of teaching in higher education, Get Ahead Prep's Directors have witnessed countless students entering higher education lacking college readiness. This is where Get Ahead Prep assists students who are currently in high school or have recently graduated high school. The classroom management of Get Ahead Prep classes will mirror a traditional online college environment with scaffolded learning to appropriate age levels. Students will have the opportunity to learn self-efficacy skills for a trajectory toward greater success in future college courses. Get Ahead Prep's courses are designed to prepare recent graduates and current high school students for college-level academics and build the necessary skills in reading and writing to increase their chances of success in an AP class while in high school, which will give them a better chance to survive the rigors of college. Get Ahead Prep courses also prepares student entering dual-credit classes while enrolled in high school. Get Ahead Prep's courses give students the first-hand experience that will allow them to enter traditional college settings with background knowledge and confidence needed for success.

Here is data and more reasons why doing what Get Ahead Prep, LLC does helps students to succeed in college

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