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College Prep Course

What is Get Ahead Prep?

Get Ahead Prep's mission is "Bridging the Gap for Future College Students" by creating learning opportunities that facilitate student's comprehensive preparedness for college academics. Many times high school students are not given the opportunity to participate in more challenging courses that will guide them to true college readiness. Get Ahead Prep's goal is to mold the minds of students toward higher education.

Click here to read what the ACT college entrance test explains as to why so many high school graduates are underprepared for college.

Our Focus is on helping students with

Free Placement Test

College Readiness in Reading and Writing

One-on-one Tutoring

AP Class Prep

College Entrance Essay Review

We offer online asynchronous (Self-paced) courses with a Senior Instructor as a Guide

What we focus on as concerned educational experts...


“We are spending billions of dollars trying to send students to college and maintain them there when, on average, they read at about the grade 6 or 7 level, according to Renaissance Learning’s latest report on what American students in grades 9-12 read, whether assigned or chosen,” said education expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky.


According to the Eberly Center at Carnegie Mellon University, "During their high school careers, most of our students were not writing with the frequency we might expect, nor were they doing the types of writing that we will require of them in their college years. "

Critical Thinking

In Jonathan Haber article's "It's Time to Get Serious About Teaching Critical Thinking", he states "... 75 percent of employers claim the students they hire after 12, 16 or more years of formal education lack the ability to think critically and solve problems -- despite the fact that nearly all educators claim to prioritize helping students develop those very skills."

College Expectations vs. College Reality

Families of students have great excitement about their student graduating from high school and moving on with an expectation of being college ready. Students apply to college and many times need to start at lower-than-expected levels to acquire knowledge they did not gain in high school. Students often are overwhelmed and shocked when entering college. Exposing students to the college environment earlier in their educational journey will allow them to enter college more prepared for success.

Students do not feel prepared for college.

Students do not know the expectations going into a college setting.

Students end up in Developmental Courses at the college level.