Get Ahead Prep Courses

At Get Ahead Prep, we are focused on ensuring all students are prepared for college. It is never too early to start preparing. We have classes geared towards students in 9th grade all the way through graduating Seniors. Make sure to click the "More Information, Please!" button below to request additional course information. To sign up for the College Prep Course or Individualized Tutoring, click on the sign up now button below each course listing.

College Prep Course

Critical Thinking

  • Develop analysis, evaluation, and dialectical thinking

  • Develop ability to ask and answer questions related to investigatory means of the material

  • Analyze global, cultural, and language impacts of material being studied

Reading Comprehension

  • Learn ways to extract key information

  • Analyze and develop college-level annotation skills

  • Produce inventories of notes

  • Making connections between the reading and writing process

  • Build collegiate vocabulary

Reading to Respond

  • Establish clear purpose for reading

  • Determine focus for reader's response essay

Essay Organization and Practice

  • Learn information needed for introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs

  • Develop patterns for writing

  • Practice building paragraphs leading to a college-level essay

Individualized Tutoring

English classes, at the high school level, cover reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. These five categories are required by the National Council of Teachers of English to develop skills to enhance analytical reading of literature, writing essays, reading out loud, listening to well-written prose, and previewing assignments. The focus becomes a proficiency in learning how to understand how writing is assembled and how themes, characters, and plots work together to create meaning. In high school, English equates to a study of combining language arts to give value to important skills that will prepare students for higher education. Tutoring offers the benefit of professionals supporting students to develop and reach higher learning potentials at their current grade level.


$65/ hour

$50/ hour (currently registered students in other Get Ahead Prep courses)

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Get Ahead Prep: High School 1

GAPH1 provides students with learning opportunities to create greater success in high school English Language Arts (ELA) courses. Students can improve their reading skills and writing skills, which can develop confidence to do better in their courses. This course’s objectives are carefully planned to encourage student’s emerging critical thinking skills. The work performed in this course can prepare students for higher level high school English courses and beyond. This course can also increase students' chances for getting into Pre-AP English courses, which can launch their chances of success in college.

Price: $210

Course Objectives:

  • Be exposed to readings with growing difficulty

  • Develop knowledge for building vocabulary by using textual evidence and defining words

  • Learn the writing process stages

  • Analyze readings for audience, tone, purpose, and organizational structure

  • Learn how to write topic sentences for paragraphs and create supporting sentences for specific purposes of the assigned essay.

  • Develop knowledge of essay writing do’s and don’ts

  • Develop written essay skills

  • Develop revision techniques for strong writing abilities

  • Develop paraphrasing abilities of passages

  • Use assigned passages to find clues to a writer’s processes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of sentence structures

  • Develop awareness of intermediate research skills

Get Ahead Prep: High School 2

GAPH2 is designed to assist the student towards greater success in course work and develop confidence as a reader and writer. Progressing through this course will allow students to establish a foundation of reading comprehension skills and basic essay format. This will be the basis for the majority of writing assignments in the future. This course’s objectives are carefully planned to build a student’s confidence as a writer. The work performed in this course will prepare students for all future reading and writing intensive courses, including Pre-AP/ AP courses at the high school level.

Price: $210

Course Objectives:

  • Gain stronger vocabulary usage in produced work

  • Move into greater usage and practice of the writing process to develop longer writings.

  • Be introduced to a variety of patterns and purposes

  • Practice more advanced reading strategies

  • Practice more advanced writing strategies

  • Learn how to identify credible research through a variety of sources

  • Develop greater inference skills

  • Practices summaries

  • Demonstrate awareness of intermediate research skills

Get Ahead Prep: High School 3

GAPH3 is designed with a student’s high school and college success in mind. The course is thoughtfully planned for current high school students and students who are beginning to plan for college. These students will receive knowledge geared to prepare them for their needs in these areas. The objectives in this course are steeped in critical reading, writing, and thinking, which will be required of students as they matriculate through high school and into college. This is the course that sets these skills in motion for what lies ahead in their future. This course prepares students for AP English classes.

Price: $210

Course Objectives:

  • Learn MLA usage and need for a Work Cited

  • Learn how to annotate and convert annotations into Cornell Notes

  • Advance knowledge and application through use of sentence structures, punctuation, and word usage to elevate writing practices.

  • Expand practice of finding main ideas and supporting details in passages/readings to enhance their written work.

  • Experience more complicated inference skills for greater ability in critical thinking skills.

  • Use the writing process to write longer written work and expand on intended meaning

  • Learn how to avoid the most common writing errors

  • Begin to explore steps in research techniques

  • Develop awareness of advanced research skills

Get Ahead Prep: High School 4

GAPH4 is designed with college in mind for the student who is graduating from high school. This course’s instruction centers on the skills needed for college-level English classes at a university or college. Student’s critical reasoning, reading, and writing will be challenged to ensure the best preparation and outcome for college. Soon graduating high school students will benefit from this course by developing a college-success mindset.

Price: $210

Course Objectives:

  • Find and use credible research to produce a shortened paper.

  • Practice using advanced vocabulary for reading and writing purpose

  • Maintain the use of writing processes to show organization of written work

  • Use more patterns and purposes for greater mastery

  • Explore a new research topic and produce a research paper with multiple credible sources

  • Practice reasoning and critical thinking skills from readings/passages and writings

  • Demonstrate mastery of sentence structures and punctuation through usage to elevate one’s own writing practices.

  • Demonstrate advanced research skills