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4 reasons why you couldn't get that Candy

Do you need gifts for the birthday, wedding or anniversary giveaways? Choosing the best box that meets your preferences is an easy task just in theory. But if you want something that will put a smile on your face, then you better sit down and have a pen and a notebook.

Because what I am going to show you is a ‘secret' that I have been using to source my best boxes me and my family can't stop talking about. We are looking forward every next Candy Boxes.

The secret I told you about is getting the right supplier. I know, it might sound simple but wait until you get to open that box in front of eager friends and family only to find the ‘unthinkable.' You'd be like, ‘how in the heck could he thought of sending this!'

Avoid such a puzzled face by doing the following;

Know what you want

First, before you go to your supplier, what will you tell him? List all your requirements in a paper. What design do you want your box to be? Know the size and even the material, what is it made of? Consider its effect on the environment and its overall durability.

I bet you won't like something fragile. And most importantly, what can you afford? This list will help your supplier personalize the content your liking.

After making everything perfect, now go out and look for your preferred provider who will stick to your list to the letter. Don't settle for anything less than your list, you might regret later. To get the best supplier do this;

Go online and perform search

To be precise, use keywords. For instance, if you are in India, your search keyword should be something like ‘Candy Boxes supplier in U.S.' By the time you are done, you will be having a long list of potential suppliers. But if you cannot use this method, then use;

Word of mouth

This is the best way to gauge your chosen suppliers and even get new ideas of the best ones out there. Ask your friends or workmates who have once used the boxes you intend to buy. Remember this could be your only chance to evade what we talked about when we started.

Now that you have an idea of who you will go to, go ahead and request for a quote.

Request for a quote

Don't go bargaining to the extent of compromising your list. You should compare their prices against you're the list you made earlier. If there's anything less, you shouldn't even consider them.

Pick the best and make that order. You can even give them a call if there's anything you wish to be clarified.

I hope I have enlightened you in anything to with Candy Boxes. But for inspiration, you can check out the following box subscriptions;

SnackFever- goes for $14.00 per month. It is a Korean and perfect candy lovers. Remember it only ships to selected countries from the United States

Bocandy- you can start from $9.99/month. And with it you snacks and candy flavors from Japan, Germany and more. Ships globally.

Sleek Treat- starting at $34.99 per month. It is the best candy for you who is watching sugar intake.

Sip and Melt- you start at $49.99/month. The box tries to mix chocolate and coffee to a sweet explosion of taste