Get off the Beach!

Step into a life of adventure

Summer is here!

Are your days going to be packed with adventures, or do you feel like that takes too much work to plan and too much money? Does going camping with your family feel like you have to plan the invasion of Normandy?

Good news: adventure doesn’t have to be planned out!

Here's what to expect

  • Get some adventures on your calendar that you can count on
  • Get some ideas for casual adventures that don't require planning, but will bring some joy to your life!
  • Show your friends and family what a life of adventure looks like and why it's important for you

How we'll be connecting:

  • Short videos to get you moving
  • Exercises that you'll do with your fellow participants to give you opportunity to take action on your learning
  • Secret Facebook group for course participants to share your experiences, learn from the tribe, and have an epic summer

What's the investment?

Three installments of $57/month!

After the course ends, you'll be inducted into the next class as a part of the teaching staff, and be able to share your experiences in course content videos to teach the new participants new skills!

Ready to jump in? Click the sign up button and you're good to go!