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Uneven breasts: causes and treatment

With asymmetrical breasts there is a difference in size between the two breasts. There is talk of unequal breasts if there is more than a cup size difference between the breasts. Although all the breasts differ, there is a big difference for some women, which makes the woman feel very unhappy. This can even lead to psychological problems. Is there a solution to this problem and what does the treatment involve?

When there are unequal breasts

The breasts are not identical in any woman. There is always a difference in body parts that occur in pairs. Usually the difference is very small and it is not or hardly noticeable. This also applies, for example, to the eyes and ears. In some women, the difference between her breasts is so great that it poses a problem for the woman. There are two elements that play a role in the appearance of the breast, that is: size and shape. In general it is stated that a correction of the breast only takes place when the difference between the two breasts is greater than one cup size. In some cases the size does not play a role, but the deviant shape.

Development of breast growth

The breast size depends on genetic predisposition. Breast growth is regulated during puberty by female hormones (estrogens). Puberty in girls starts between the 9th and 14th year of life. Generally, breasts will begin to grow about two years before the first menstrual period for two to four years. A difference in size can occur during growth. In some cases the body recovers this difference. If the woman has reached the age of 20 years, it is still unlikely that changes will occur. Only a pregnancy or menopause will have some influence on the size and shape of the breasts, but these changes are usually symmetrical.

Cause unequal breasts

The most common disorder that is congenital is an underdevelopment or over-development of the mammary gland tissue of one breast. There are severe birth defects such as the "Poland Syndrome". Here, both the breast and the underlying pectoral muscle are underdeveloped. This can result in a serious asymmetry where a reconstruction must take place in multiple operations. The condition can also not be congenital as a result of an infection, burns or other form of trauma during the period that the breasts are in growth. women's breast enhancement pills

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A plastic surgeon can make the asymmetry less large. If it is decided to surgery, this will take place under general anesthesia. Making the breasts completely identical will not be possible. Just as applies to all breasts: they will never be exactly the same. The surgeon will make the shape and cup size as equal as possible. The larger the difference between the breasts is for the procedure, the greater the chance of an asymmetry after the operation. The best results are obtained if there is a breast reduction from the large breast to the size of the smaller breast. This means that no implant needs to be placed and the risk of complications is reduced. If the size is very different, it can happen that one breast is reduced and the other breast is enlarged.

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When not operating?

An operation is usually only discussed if the breasts differ by more than one cup size or if there is a noticeable asymmetry in the shape. When this is not the case and the woman is still suffering from psychological problems, it is still possible to operate. This does not always happen. In some cases it is better to first let the woman talk to a psychologist. The woman can then decide not to let herself operate. The difference in size or shape is so small that it may not be worth operating. In some cases the problem is not with the unequal breasts and the treatment of the underlying psychological problem can be the solution.