PTA Board

The GES PTA Executive Board is a 100% volunteer organization composed of GES community members just like you!

Danielle Wood


Monica Lathan Dye

Vice President

Jill Connor

Vice President

Eric McKenzie


Matt Sickle


When are PTA meetings held?

PTA meetings are held on the first Tuesday of most months, 6:30-8pm. They are held either via Zoom or in the media center at the school (with free child care provided in the cafeteria).

When can I join the PTA?

You can join the PTA at any time during the year.

How do I join the email list?

The PTA has a Google Group email list which allows members to post questions and join in discussions about the PTA, the school, or education in general. To join this list, join the PTA or follow the instructions at under "Request to Join a Group".

What events does the PTA run every year?

The regular events are: Labor Day Book Sale, Rafael’s Race, and Spring Fair.

How does the PTA raise money?

The PTA has three main fundraisers:

  • Labor Day Book Sale in September

  • Rafael’s Race 5k/1k in October

  • Scholastic Book Fair in late Fall and Spring

Other fundraisers are occasionally organized when extra money is needed. Please see the Donate page for more opportunities.

How does the PTA spend the money?

The PTA raises money to support many programs at the school, including the following:

– Books for the school library

– Learning incentives and rewards for the students and teachers

– Reading is Fundamental: free books for the children to take home

– Arts programs, including clay and other programs

– Refreshments at the Science Fair and Honor Roll Assemblies

– Events such as the Spring Fair

– Miscellaneous items requested by the school, e.g. teacher conferences, new PA equipment for the gym, new mats for the front entrance, plants for the school grounds, repair of walkie talkies.

How and when is the Executive Board elected?

The new Executive Board is elected at the last meeting of the year. There is a 3-person Nominating Committee, which finds members willing to be nominated for the board positions. These nominations are announced 10 days before the last meeting. Nominations are also accepted from the floor. Only current PTA members are allowed to vote or be nominated.

Are there term limits?

The officers have a 2-year term limit.

Who is on the Executive Board?

The Executive Board consists of the officers and Standing Committee chairs:

The officers are:

  • President

  • 1st Vice-President

  • 2nd Vice-President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

The Standing Committees are:

  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Committee

The Standing Committee Chairs are selected by the officers and have no term limits.