Meinhard & Seija

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We moved to the Chicago, IL area in 1987 from Connecticut where we lived since 1967. In 1967, we arrived from Europe, Seija from Punkalaidun, Finland and Meinhard from Hamburg, Germany, we now live in Grayslake, IL USA.

Born in Germany Meinhard lived and worked in Hamburg (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland) and Johannesburg (South Africa) then in 1967 traveled through South America to the USA where he lives now. Seija arrived in the USA from Sweden where she worked after graduating from school in Finland. Seija and Meinhard met in Connecticut, married in 1970, lived in Connecticut and now in Illinois. Meinhard worked 30+ years in IT for American Can which later became American National Can, Pechiney and Alcan; he retired in 2005. Seija worked at a Bank in Connecticut and later for a department store in Illinois. Our sons work and live in Seattle, WA. Since retirement we are exploring and traveling the country and world.

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2019 Travels - Puerto Vallarta

2018 Travels - Puerto Vallarta, Portugal-Spain-France, Alaska, Montana, Paris-Belgium-Amsterdam

2017 Travels - Puerto Vallarta, Australia & Fiji, Germany, Montana

2016 Travels - Puerto Vallarta - Florida - Great Britain - Vietnam

2015 Travels - Puerto Vallarta - Oregon - Denmark, Finland, Estonia - Utah National Parks

2014 - Puerto Vallarta - Florida - Netherlands, Belgium, Germany - Italy North

2013 - Hawaii, Spain, India