Explore the Diversity in the Country of Georgia

Centuries before the U.S. state was named, the country of Georgia was having an impact on the trade, religion, and culture of both Europe and Asia. The result is a country filled with history, diversity, beauty, and balance. The expanding Tourism in Georgia country offers travelers a multitude of experiences among the places to visit in georgia.


The country is located between Europe and Asia along the infamous Silk Road. Due to the strategic location, it was invaded and conquered many times. Controlling the only trade route for silk, treasures, gold, drugs, and animals in the region contributed both power and wealth to the conquering people.

Georgia was also the first country converted to Christianity by the missionaries from Mesopotamia. Today, while most of the population are Orthodox Christians, religious freedom and tolerance are celebrated throughout the country. Some of the most popular guided georgia tours include historical and pilgrimage sites, such as Cave Towns, monuments, cathedrals, and monasteries. The European Route of Historic Theaters is also an available tour that should not be missed.


The influences of many peoples over time have helped create a diverse and unique culture. Visit historic villages that date back to the sixth century, explore the folklore, and celebrate the wines of Georgia. Dance, music, ballet, performances, and cuisine are all featured on tours that last from one full day to two weeks in length.

Activity and Excitement

The country is not entirely about history and culture. There are plenty of things to do in georgia that will appeal to many preferences. Those who wish to rejuvenate body and soul can do so at several spa resorts. There are thermal springs, sulfur baths, and conventional spa treatments available for tranquility and relaxation.

Nightlife and entertainment provide a multitude of options. Restaurants, dance clubs, casinos, concerts, and wine cellars are in every major city. Festivals celebrate everything from food to jazz throughout the year. November, for example, brings the International Jazz Festival to the city of Tbilisi.


Adventure tours are available for thrill-seekers. Hunting, hiking, paragliding, caving, and rafting are just a few examples of tours offered. Georgia is a popular European skiing destination with excellent mountains, luxury resorts, and all types of snow conditions to accommodate any style and skill level on the slopes.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is offered at most resorts for the daring spirit and the accomplished skier. "Heli-Ski" consists of hiring a helicopter and pilot to bring a small party up to the top of a mountain and dropping them off in otherwise inaccessible areas. The participants then ski down a mountain of untouched snow.