Honeywell Intranet Funded PoC


Our intranet like most companies was simply the default page of an employees browser. With a lot of content and links pushed on to the first page of the site in hopes that it would get noticed! Though service pages were hardly ever reached through the homepage. In general most employees didn't find it helpful.

An initiative was proposed to improve UX, company wide by Corporate & Marketing communications teams for internal and external users. Our intranet was chosen as the first chapter of this initiative, so as to give a direction and an example of user friendly experiences that need to be created for our customers.

Goal: Design a more useful intranet

Role : As a UX Specialist I lead the workshop and design.


  • Design Principles & Core Concepts
  • Persona & Stakeholder Mapping, Journey Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframe & Responsive UI Design
  • Defining Day 1 & 2 Product Evolution



“I Feel like the Intranet is against me not for me! It’s like they don’t want me to find the information I am looking for!”

“I always end up asking someone how to get there and have to bookmark every link, cause I can't find it on the intranet”

“Why do I have to keep logging in to every section of the site? And no it’s not an excuse that they are different applications!”

Admins & Sr. Management

“We have to train our support staff for each and every ticketing solution if we need to be flexible with our resources.”

“We spend a lot of money in maintaining different platforms, which don’t do any complex tasks. We just want everything to work on Sharepoint”

Design Principles & Core Concepts

In our workshop we identified what it would take to deliver a Desirable and Useful intranet

What is in it for the employee?

Contextual information & resources.Collaborate with HR, colleagues & vendors. Employee Tools like Benefits, Recognition, etc with a unified xp. Chatbots to provide you quick answers or raise tickets

Contextual, Actionable, Informative & Collaborative Cards

And integrated services through APIs, allowing for a consistent user experience across services.

Intuitive & Instant

  • Prewritten reminders
  • Integrated forms
  • Easy access to news

Hashtag Help & Support with assistance, Voted best feature of all!

The respective team would reach out to the user and resolve the issue instead of the user trying to find the right service to raise the ticket.

Since a few people did not know how to hashtag it can be invoked using the dropdown.

Contextual Search Results & App links

Seamlessly Delivered via Responsive Interface