Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company is an American multinational conglomerate that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.

An initiative was proposed to improve UX, company wide by Corporate & Marketing communications teams for internal and external users. was chosen as the second chapter of this initiative.


Goals: 1. A unified web experience for its varied customer personas that would bridge them to the right information or child sites or external site of sub brands.

2. Pages that encourage the user to read related content, reach out to the Point of Contact, Buy a product , Share, etc,.

Role: As a Senior UX Designer I lead the research and design of the project.

Deliverables: Research Findings, Information Architecture and Wireframes


I interviewed nine marketing heads one to one, from each business group to understand their needs and challenges, and customers. Due to various constraints we also had to generate personas based of these interviews.

The image has been obfuscated due to confidential information it may reveal.

Affinity clustering card sorting exercise conducted have not been showed in detail due to confidential information in the document.

Internal Stakeholder Interview Questions:

  • Describe your customer? What kind of roles do they hold?
  • What kind of tools, digital experiences and environments are your customer groups used to?
  • How do you want your customers to use the website? Also what does web analytics reports tell us, about there visit?
  • What do you think the website should do for your customers, your team and yourself?
  • What are some of the current challenges for your customers and yourself ? Can you give me some examples?
  • What does the site do for your business today? What works, what doesn’t work, and what could work better?
  • How would you define success for this website?
  • If there is one thing you could change what would it be?

Newsroom Questions:

  • Describe your current newsroom. Its content, its S.W.O.T.
  • How do you expect your media to use a global Honeywell newsroom?
  • What tools/materials do your media look for?
  • Are there audiences other than the media that the newsroom must cater to? If so, what are their priorities?
  • Are there any best in class newsrooms that you can think of? What do they do well?
  • How would you define success?

Each of these questions had deep dive questions specific to their business domain.

Persona Actions Summarized

I have excluded internal stakeholder personas for confidentiality.

Carrie the Consumer


  • Contextual consumer content.
  • Better organization of products.
  • Simplify Search and Actionability.
  • Videos organized by product and content
  • Make it easy to share product information
  • Simplified navigation
  • Easy access to customer service or problem resolution
  • Clear purchase pathways to SBGs
  • Highlighted customer reviews
  • Leverage positive/constructive social media mentions
  • Investigate building a blogger network around product
  • categories for better third party perspective

Sam Solution Designer


  • Technically oriented documentation
  • Application oriented content organization
  • Component upgrade information
  • Industry solution/application filtering
  • Performance based information
  • Easy access to sample components
  • Industry accepted language not fluff
  • Search enabled by component name or number
  • Engineers view of Honeywell
  • Initiate conversations on LinkedIn around Targeted Industry Conferences
  • Form partnerships with Industry Periodicals and newsletters
  • Form partnerships with Digital Publishers and Professional Networks
  • Enable sharing of content into relevant networks

Tim Contractor


  • Contextual contractor content on
  • Videos organized by product and featuring their company's purchases from Honeywell
  • Enhanced search, indexing and filtering of content
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Detailed FAQ for troubleshooting
  • Easy access to phone numbers for direct contact
  • Segmented customer support. Live-chat support
  • Simple navigation
  • Aggregate conversation on professional networks (i.e. LinkedIn) to further influence and engage this persona.

Max Media Influencer


  • Consolidated company information destination
  • Categories of communication contacts
  • Define and present SME’s to connect with digitally
  • Searchable press releases
  • Intuitive navigation to global newsroom
  • Filtering of news content
  • Searchable financials
  • Press release filtering and abstracts
  • Comprehensive media contact list
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Increase outbound communications via social media.
  • Provide access to feeds of information targeted by subject
  • Enable Honeywell SME’s to provide perspective

Evan Employee


  • A clear articulation of company composition and any new moves that impact Mark’s life.
  • Corp. Comms organized by date, subject, and area of relevance.
  • Global navigation or filtering of the business.
  • Visually appealing storytelling devices
  • Concise, “snackable” articles
  • Searchable videos by subject
  • Enhanced filtered search
  • Related article prompts
  • Clearer navigation to SBGs
  • More dynamic branded content
  • Distributed content in professional networks like LinkedIn.
  • Easily shareable content across social networks.

Irene Investor


  • Thoughtful storytelling of Honeywell’s mission and goals
  • Compelling media showcasing Honeywell’s technologies
  • Better messaging of what Corporate Citizenship means to Honeywell
  • Searchable financial reports
  • Intuitive navigation for company information
  • Easily identified links to relevant news within the organization
  • Enhanced indexing and filtering of content
  • Well organized second tier navigation
  • Well articulated company values
  • Visually appealing storytelling devices
  • Consolidated company information destination Goals

Facilitation: Getting visitors to where they need to go

Storytelling: Orienting our visitors to the company and brand

Adjacency : Creating awareness relevantly across business groups.

SUB Sites Goals

Product Details

Commerce & E-commerce

Relationship Management & Support

Competitive Benchmarking

I referred companies that are direct competitors to Honeywell as well as those in Fortune 500 list.

Observations of competitor sites

  • Big impacts stories of its influence on society, global issues and thought leadership.
  • Defining markets they play, the business they drive.
  • Homepage is focused on all personas, with nuggets of information for key personas.
  • Big images & catchy headlines to keep users engaged
  • Multiple entry points of navigation. Menu and homepage together cater to personas and applications
  • Written with leadership tone of voice covering trends, insights and predictions
  • Product specifics are handled by separate sites. Products are introduced from solutions point of view.
  • Focus on future drivers and their innovation through research and analysis
  • Interactivity such as 3D visualization, immersive tours and video infographics

Key Insights & Actions

On Content:

  • One Honeywell story - what we do & who we are - customer success stories to showcase innovative influence on industry, society and technology
  • Information Architecture to be organized by markets & key personas
  • Introduce persona centered nuggets with option to dig deep
  • Cross link articles to related topics and products across SBGs
  • Provide insights, predictions & trends to emphasize thought leadership
  • Videos on human interest stories elicited with infographics, b-rolls, etc.

On Traffic Management:

  • Drive user traffic from corporate site to SBG/SBU sites by deep linking allow deep linking
  • Success Metrics is defined by increased - product inquires, sales conversions and social sharing
  • Provide content based on the top keyword search analytics, such as Thermostat manuals, programmable thermostats, etc.
  • Use LinkedIn profiles, clickstream & search data to know users interests to provide relevant or persona specific content.

On Features

  • Allow users to search and filter by topics, markets, media type
  • Add online live chat to support customers and reduce support costs.
  • Contemporary design with intuitive navigation and persona based call to actions
  • Downloadable Media content and embeddable video playback
  • Allow users to share media content & Subscribe to feeds based on topics
  • Categorize news by topics, timeline, markets, leaders, reports & hashtags with search & filter on active and archived articles.
  • Align cross content sharing between the corporate site and SBG/SBU site ( Brand as publisher)

On Publishing:

  • Rich text editor ( such as found in word press post editor )
  • Library of static & dynamic assets, documents and contact cards
  • Cross publishing across multiple sites and locations
  • Page Template selection
  • Content & Asset Version Management

Information Architecture (Tier 1)


Home page with large blocks and quick links for key personas

  • Universal Header
  • One Featured story with Newsroom Link & Share (Not a rotating banner)
  • Featured Industries
  • Social Feed & Follow
  • Investor Information
  • Quick Links (All Products, Newsroom, Contact Us,

Careers & Employee Access)

Visual Category Page for intuitive selection

  • Quick links to Product/Service Categories page
  • Quick links to related stories

Future E-commerce project reference

Grouped & Actionable Search Results

Allows users to quickly jump to the desired intent behind their search query.

Who We Are

  • Direct download links to company overview and factsheet
  • Quick link to corporate information and initiatives


  • A detail page provides the background, role, contributions and achievements of each leader.

Awards & Recognition page with year and category filters

  • Individuals picture alongside award image
  • Media kit download link
  • Clickable tags
  • Social media share features
  • Link to awarding authority's site reference

Newsroom & Articles

  • Articles across Business units under one brand page to make it easier for External Influencers and the Internal Marketing Communications teams

All Article detail pages must include relavant links such as:

  • Sales representative & Media contacts
  • Media kit &/ brochure downloadables
  • Product/Services detail page links
  • Related Stories
  • Related Products/Services cards
  • Social media & email share

Future Project Chat bots to deliver news and a platform to create process bots and chat bots

Contact Us

  • Quick links & direct phone numbers for support for various product/ service groups
  • Contact link for Media, Investor, Worldwide, Small business liaisons, and Vulnerability Reporting
  • General Enquiry Form with Captcha to prevent bots submitting forms.
  • Country Specific Detail page and contacts

Employee Access A.K.A HR Direct

  • Single entry point to HR Related items globally
  • Quick tips to HR Direct content.
  • Support information

Honeywell Future Project ( Intranet Digital Workplace POC)