Developing a business is like conducting an orchestra, so many parts have to be perfectly aligned. We at GJC Consulting utilize our partners and their individual networks of specialists to align your product with markets and funding. It's a complicated process that we've honed for years.

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Precious few investors will invest in a concept. They will invest in a well-thought out strategy backed by a seasoned and experienced team. GJC Consulting works with founders to create business models that are more attractive to investors and bring a few to the table.

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if the strategy is properly developed, the most-likely customer has been identified along with the most efficient means of communicating the proper message. It's part science, part art, and definitely in our wheelhouse.

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First impressions are critical when approaching potential investors. Many founders fail to find funding for really great products and concepts because their business plans lack the fundamentals that most investors look for. Some never make it past the table of contents before a rejection. Our team has seen it all. Contact us about reviewing your plan.