Specializing in Lean Methodologies and Kaizen management techniques, I lead a team of business analysts and consultants providing C-level expertise to startups and early growth phase companies. We can connect you with developers, align your product with markets, develop managerial systems, and assist with funding.

MS in Technology Commercialization, member of Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society, and BS in Geology/Paleontology. Originally from New Orleans, currently residing in Connecticut, thank you very much Hurricane Katrina.

Specialties: Business development from concept to profit including project management, marketing, business management, and funding. We assemble teams specific to concepts for commercialization. We specialize in Lean Methodology including Kata training, Kanban just in time supply chain management, and Kaizen communications and process improvement techniques.

Technical education and work experience includes geology, paleontology, and data integration and visualization consulting in the domestic oil industry.

Educational industry includes technology in education, data visualization applications for education and CCSS and 21st Century Skills applications in schools.