George Bolzoni is a Fitness Instructor in the New York City Area. He graduated in college from Kean University with a degree in Physical Education & Health Certification.

George has been interested in health and fitness since he was a young boy. He started out playing sports in High School. His favorite sports were soccer and basketball, but he also enjoyed working out and eating right. When George was not playing one of his team sports, he was at the gym working out. So when George started college it just made sense to him and his family that he keep doing what he loved, which was physical fitness and health.

Now that he has graduated from College, George Bolzoni has decided to start his own fitness company in the New York City area. He wants to help others find the same passion for fitness that he has always had. He will guide clients in understanding how to eat effectively so they never feel hungry and always have enough energy to not only get through their busy days but to have enough energy to workout.

George is also a big football fan and looks forward to the start of football season every year. He is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and always cheers for them unless of course it goes against his fantasy football team players.

George also loves to read and says his favorite books are "Don't Put Me in Coach" by Mark Titus and "The Hoops Whisperer" by Idan Ravin.

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George Bolzoni
George Bolzoni Fitness

George Bolzoni has always held a strong passion for fitness and nutrition.

He’s helping people get in shape in the New York Area. Ever since he felt the thrill of his feet pounding the concrete or the rush of surpassing his one rep-max, he’s been hooked on pushing himself even further. The secret that he found to a more proactive work out is nutrition.

George Bolzoni earned himself a degree in physical education from Kean University. He finds the effects that different foods and nutrients have on the human body very fascinating. George would much rather see his clients eat more protein and foods enriched with Vitamin B12 than use caffeine to get false energy.

Being an avid reader, George Bolzoni has always been craving to learn even more. With books like “Eat Dirt” by Dr. Josh Axe, “Don’t Put Me In, Coach” by Mark Titus, and “The Hoops Whisperer” by Idan Ravin under his belt he’s itching for the next inspiring story or the next breakthrough in nutrition science. And it’s through those inspiring tales, that George Bolzoni finds himself as a major sports fan.

He’s a diehard Cowboys’ fan and he’s hoping they’ll bring home a super bowl this year. He’s a follower of other sports as well including basketball. His favorite point guard of all time, Danilo Gallinari has his respect on the basketball scene. With the NHL and MLB his heart goes out to his current home teams, The Yankees and The Rangers.

George Bolzoni thinks that with the right amount of nutrition, hard work, and exercise anyone can be an athlete.

George Bolzoni Fitness