I am applying to academic positions during the 2021-22 job market cycle. Feel free to contact me at wardg@mit.edu.

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Hi! I am a doctoral student in Behavioral and Policy Sciences at MIT Sloan, affiliated with the Institute for Work and Employment Research.

My main research interests are in the 'human side' of the future of work, the emotional bases of political behavior, and the economic determinants of subjective wellbeing (or “happiness”). This work has been published in various academic journals including the Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and American Journal of Political Science.

My research explores the ways in which people experience work – including subjective aspects of organizational life like happiness, satisfaction, stress, purpose, belonging, inclusion, fairness, and trust. On the one hand, this work aims to understand how different managerial practices and organizational environments shape these subjective experiences, while on the other it investigates the effects they may have on outcomes for firms like productivity, retention, and recruitment.

In another strand of research, I study the effects of (un)happiness on political behavior and outcomes, including the electoral success of incumbent politicians and the rise of populism. Related work has also studied the interplay between economic circumstances, public policy, and happiness for example by looking at the effects of various labor market phenomena on job and life satisfaction as well as using subjective wellbeing data to shed new light on the welfare cost of business cycles.

I am also passionate about science communication and public engagement, and have written about my research for various outlets including Harvard Business Review, VoxEU, The Conversation, SPSP Character & Context, The Hill, and UN World Happiness Report. My research has also been featured by news outlets including The Economist, Financial Times, BBC, CNN, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Newsweek, and The Guardian.