I am an Minecraft modpack developer who likes to stream to YouTube/Twitch in his free time! On this website you can find all the projects that I am currently working on and past projects that have come and gone.

This website is no longer updated. It remains for documentation, and to provide basic support for my old, now inactive projects.

Important message from GeoRCCraft:

Hello everyone, just wanted to leave you all an important message.

Simply put, there will not be any more updates to any packs for any of the foreseeable future.

This is includes but is not limited to:

- Feature updates

- Patch/Bug fix updates

- Website (not that anybody used it)

- Support from my Discord Server (ATLauncher Discord Server will still be available for pack support)

- Again, support inquiries should be sent to the ATLauncher Discord. ( don't really have any plans to come back to Minecraft Modpack Development at this point in time. I've really enjoyed getting to know and talk to you all over the past few years. A ton has happened during my time developing packs for the ATLauncher, and I really cannot thank those who helped me along the way.

- RyanTheAllmighty, for the ATLauncher itself

- The folks at Nodecraft, who sponsored Caved IN a few years back with a Minecraft Server

- The Resonant Rise / Horizon Team

- All of you guys from this, or other Discords Servers I've had.

It has honestly been a pleasure getting to meet you all. While I don't really have plans on coming back to Minecraft, I really enjoyed the time that I spent working on modpacks and playing the game. Thank you all so much for these few good years. You can still contact me though Discord if you need to!

What will I be doing now?

- From here on out I will be spending as much time as possible with my significant other.

- Working my way through school while working as many hours as possible

- Finding a place to move into

- Enjoying each and every new day.

Again, thank you all so much, I'll see you on the internet!