GeoCelebration 2018


Regina Geotechnical Group (RGG) is pleased to host GeoCelebration 2018. The event will attract delegates from diverse backgrounds namely geotechnical, transportation, geohazards, geo-environmental, hydro-geological, geosynthetics, foundations, and others. The delegates will be associated with local consulting firms, contractors, suppliers, academia, and government organizations. Hence it will provide sponsors an excellent opportunity to showcase their organizations to industry leaders and decision-makers in the geotechnical engineering and related professions.

GeoCelebration 2018 sponsorship is available in the following categories:

  • GOLD

Click here for complete pricing and benefit details and to sign up for GeoCelebration 2018 sponsorship. If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or be included on our marketing list, please contact: Anna Gagnon, P.Eng., RGG Secretary Treasurer

Sponsors can also make online payment through Registration Webpage.