GeoCelebration 2018


"Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Jack Mollard" by Mr. Lynden Penner

Jack was a pioneer in his field, introducing air photo terrain analysis in Canada for a wide range of resource exploration and geotechnical engineering applications in the mid 1950s, and then satellite interpretation two decades later.

A recipient of many awards and acknowledgements, Jack completed more than 5,000 consulting projects spanning all continents and Mars! These included over 180 groundwater exploration projects, many highway routes in northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, over 30,000 km of pipeline routes, dozens of dam site investigations across Canada and mapping thousands of sand and gravel prospects, to name some of his many contributions.

Much more than an accomplished professional though, he was an adoring husband to Mary Jean, his wife of 65 years, an engaged father, a compassionate listener, and a good friend to many.

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