Give Your Dreams a Rest

Here we go again, assembling back like little worker bees or ants, joining under a common cause, breathing the same air. "Conspirators" they call us, but we know we just desire gigantic or tiny people, and if that's sedition then I don't want to be a patriot. Anyway, welcome to GentleApril18!

It's been a long, cold winter for most of us, so all the more reason for a nice, warm, friendly contest like this.

New Here?

GentleApril18 is the sixth installment of the Size Riot writing contests. Across Twitter (and a few other forums), writers within the size fantasy genre and all its splinter factions are called to compete in an informal, friendly competition. A theme is announced, and over the course of one month the writers create and submit one or two flash fiction stories. January is always "cruelty," April is always "gentle," and July and October are up for votes. When all the stories are submitted, readers are solicited to enjoy the selection and then rate them by several criteria. All submissions are anonymous to prevent favoritism, though nothing can stop a writer's style from standing out.

Stress on "friendly competition": the participants are blades that sharpen against each other. Writers can take chances, breaking away from their strengths to try something new, or they can wait until a compatible theme is elected and stick with what's familiar.

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