Signups for GentleApril19 happen in March. If you want to compete in April, you have to sign up in March, not April.

Writers may submit their work starting Monday, April 1. All submissions must be in by the end of Tuesday, April 30.

Reading and evaluation of stories begins Wednesday, May 1 and ends Sunday, May 26. Results will be posted Thursday, May 30.


Writers submit one piece of flash fiction (under 2,000 words), written over the month of April.

Theme: Submitted stories must follow the following conditions.

  • One or more of the main characters must be middle-aged (45 or older, no immortality cheats)
  • Open to SFW or NSFW. Please provide explicit tags/triggers; stories will be assessed for accuracy

Do not incorporate minors as prominent characters (yes, even in SFW stories: this is still a fetish contest). They may be extras in the background, but by no interpretation may they be associated with erotic interaction.

Writers' identities must be kept anonymous for voting purposes. Stories must be new and original—do not use recurring characters or familiar settings. Do not post your story anywhere else until voting has concluded.

Each submissions must be a complete story—no introductory chapters.

Writers are encouraged to vote, but please don't vote for yourself.

Accidental violation of these rules earns a friendly warning; repeated violation results in disqualification.

There will be no extended deadlines.

How to Submit

Writers may submit stories on Monday, April 1. The deadline for submitting stories is Tuesday, April 30.

Share your story as a Google Doc with sizeriot at gmail, mail it as an attachment or paste it in body copy to sizeriot at gmail, or send it as a link to wherever you store it.

Please include in your submitted copy:

  • The story's title and your name/handle
  • Descriptive tags and trigger warnings (suggested tags)
  • One story at or under 2,000 words

If you decline or request to abstain from tags/triggers, your story will be listed with "tags/triggers withheld at author's request." Please note that some readers will skip your story because of this, and that means they can't vote for you.

Stories will be assessed for accurate tags. Purposely misleading tags will result in disqualification. In cases where the writer declines to submit tags, NSFW stories will bear an NSFW tag regardless.