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Best Ways To Boost Your Intelligence

Want to improve your memory? Boost your intelligence?

Start reading. Take a look at the 5 best ways to enhance your intelligence here.

What’s the main goal here? To boost once intelligence does not necessarily refers to increasing the volume of facts or knowledge you can accumulate. Yes, not just fluency or memorization training, instead, this is your capacity to learn new information, retain it, then use that new knowledge as basis to solve the next problem, learn a new skill and more.

Basically, your working memory correlates with intelligence to a large degree. In order to generate intelligent results, a good working memory is very important. To make the most of your intelligence, you must improve your working memory in the most significant way. It’s just like using the best spare parts to help a machine to perform at its best.

1. Seek Novelty

Always look for new activities to engage your mind, which is to expand your cognitive horizons. You can consider learning an instrument, take an art class, travel and go to a museum. You can learn a new language, read about a new area of science, and watch National Geographic and Discovery Channel. You can be a knowledge junkie. In short, be an Einstein.

2. Challenge Yourself

Brain training games referred to the memorization and fluency-type games resulting to an increase in speed of processing such as Sudoku. Brain-training games make you more proficient. You can choose a game that comes with learning complex rules and strategies, and demands a variety of mental skills. These challenging games do serve a purpose, but it is short lived. Again, the way to getting something out of those cognitive activities are somewhat related to the first principle that is seeking novelty.

3. Network

Networking with other people can be through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or in face-to-face interactions. Through exposing yourself to other people, ideas, and environments, as you are opening yourself up to new opportunities to see problems in new perspective, or offer ideas in ways that you had never thought before. To learn is all about showing yourself to new things and taking that information in ways that are meaningful and unique.

4. Exercise High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A perfect alternative to the 60-minute daily workout five times a week, HIIT provides you all of the physical and mental benefits of cardio exercise in much less time. The following is a shortlist of the brain-boosting benefits if HIIT and other cardio:

  • Improves memory, problem-solving, and decision making

  • Relieves stress

  • Results to a lower risk of dementia

  • Releases endorphins

  • Lower the stress level of hormones adrenaline and cortisol

5. Read

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – a quote from Jim Rohn.

Reading can boost your brain power. Reading regularly helps make you smarter. It can also increase your brain power by improving memory function by giving your brain a good workout. A decline in memory comes with age and reading may help slow the process and will keep your mind sharp.

Intelligence is not only measured on how many levels of math courses you have taken, how fast you can solve an algorithm, or how many Quiz Bees you aced. It is about being able to deal a new problem, identify its important components, and solve it. Then take that learning you gained and put it towards solving your next problem, a more complex one in the future. Intelligence is more about innovation and imagination, and use it to make the world a better place. This is the kind of intelligence that is more essential, more valuable and this is what we should be striving for and encourage.