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Genesis Mining Review

We need first to understand the basics of cloud mining. We need to see, how it works for you to trade bitcoins for which you have paid money before we go into a detailed review of the same.

The idea of cloud mining is this. To mine Bitcoins, you need very expensive hardware. Not everyone can purchase, setup and maintain such equipment. So, to avoid this upfront capital investment, people, will pay rent to those companies that have such hardware to rent them for a particular period.

Once they get the hardware access, they do cloud mining and keep profits earned along the way.

When I said, we should rent hardware; this means we will pay to buy Bitcoin mining capacity. Commonly called as Kilo Hash(KH), Mega Hash(MH), Giga Hashes(GH), Tera Hashes(TH)

Once you buy a certain amount of capacity, you will start using to that limit to mine bitcoins, what you earn that day paid to you after deducting maintenance cost. If maintenance cost is more than what you have earned, then what you earned that day will be marked as zero.

The capacity contract you bought, will run till it covers maintenance cost. Maintenance cost covers electricity, cooling, maintenance work and hosting services.

When you go to buy a particular capacity for yourself, investment amount you have decided should consider all these and your profit, like how much you want to earn out of this investment.

If you miss out in this, then you will end up just paying maintenance costs and not make any profit.

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Genesis Mining is a bitcoin mining company established in 2013, provides such contracts as mentioned above. Genesis mining is a well-established firm in this area, while many businesses are not reliable for buying contracts, Genesis mining is a trustworthy company.

Let’s see in detail about Genesis Mining company.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining was incorporated at the end of 2013 by three friends, who got introduced while they were deeply involved in bitcoin mining. Then they got together with this idea to start a bitcoin mining company to sell their mining capacity to those who are all interested.

Unique selling proposition for Genesis Mining is to provide reliable infrastructure and support to those who want to venture into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mining.

How does it work?

Working with Genesis Mining is straight forward. Once you buy required hashpower as you want, genesis mining team will add that capacity to your profile. Then you can start mining for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Once the day is over, your transactions get processed, and payout will happen in 24 hours.

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What cryptocurrencies supported?

As of 2016, Genesis Mining supports the following cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, Unobtanium, Dark, Litecoin, Dash, Zetacoin, Darkcoin

Startcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Dark, Peercoin, Namecoin, Ether

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There are more choices to mine cryptocurrency or currencies as you wish. Genesis mining offers you the most number of coins that you can mine.

More currencies will be added in the future as this field is growing like anything. Genesis Mining is the only reliable company that is always on top to provide new coins and services as and when they appear.


Reliability and integrity are critical in this business. With the way, too many scammers flooded where they look genuine, collect your money and vanish. So, before you invest, you need to seriously research on the reliability and trustworthiness of the service you are going to subscribe.

In that aspect, Genesis Mining is 100% reliable. How do I say that?

Genesis Mining has published their actual address of Headquarters; they have active social media accounts, made public their telephone number, regularly post pictures and videos of their mining data centers and their hardware. Along with this, they participate in many key bitcoin and cryptocurrencies events worldwide.

With all these presence and reachability, genesis mining is the one company that takes their integrity serious so that their customers do business with them reliably and achieve what they want to achieve in the exciting and profitable world of cryptocurrencies.


With their clients in their mind, Genesis mining has designed their website very user-friendly, a newcomer doesn't need to struggle to start their trading in their platform. Entire web design made with user friendliness in mind. With two factor authentications, the trading platform is as secure as it can get and provides the confidence for their customers to trade without fear.

With referral option and promo code support, genesis mining encourages customers to introduce their friends to this platform. When customers do this, they benefit by getting huge discounts or additional capacity added to their account as a thank you from Genesis mining.

Using coupon codes, customers can get benefitted by various offers and discounts that will make them pay less than what others are paying for the service they are subscribing.

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Genesis mining charges the lowest fees per GHS and MHS. You can check this anywhere to validate. What's quoted is the price. There are no hidden fees that customer gets charged at a later date.

Very transparent pricing per unit is what makes Genesis mining stand out from the crowd.

Customer Support:

A customer can sign up for a Genesis mining account very easily and fast. As we saw above, on their user-friendliness of their website, this is one of the areas where Genesis mining excels. No hassle sign up is a reality here.

During sign up or post sign up and trading, if you have any queries, genesis mining customer representatives will resolve them very quickly. They are also friendly and patient.

Their response time is the best compared to others in the industry.

Coupon Codes:

We saw in detail various aspects of Genesis mining in this review, now let's see whether any coupon codes are available for you to use. Or, I want to point out to you where you can go and search for Genesis mining coupon codes.

A quick search brought out the following coupon codes from different sites. I have not tested them, so you need to go with what these coupon providers say.

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I suggest you research and try out these coupon codes.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are the future. Hence, it's important for us to understand what they are, how to buy and trade them, who are all providing a reliable service that enables us to make this deal.

In my research, I came to the conclusion that Genesis Mining ( is a reliable, customer friendly, low cost, cryptocurrency trading platform. With a good amount of experience in this field, you can trust Genesis mining and start your journey in cryptocurrency trading.

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