For Montpelier City Council 2018

District 2

Thank you for wanting to learn more!

My Name is Alex Geller (right in photo). I am running for City Council so that I can represent the residents of District 2 and help Montpelier get meaningful results with outdoor recreation, housing and infrastructure planning.

If you would like to ask me a question or share thoughts, email me at

My top priority is listening to and representing the residents of District 2!


Our money needs to go further and work smarter. Montpelier spends 1/3 of its municipal budget on infrastructure. We need DPW and City Council to continue their focus on maintaining and improving our roads bridges, sidewalks, and water/sewer, while asking technology to help us make better informed decisions.


Montpelier needs the right housing for a diverse population while retaining the character of our neighborhoods. If we want to keep our community vibrant and healthy, we need to prioritize the discussion about how to create opportunities for seniors and young families to find right-sized housing. To do this responsibly, we must encourage adapting the current housing stock to meet our needs, and then look to build on green land.

Outdoor Recreation

Expansion of outdoor recreation is a low-cost and community oriented solution to boosting our economy. One of Montpelier's greatest assets is the outdoors. Creating new recreational opportunities with our rivers and forests can be largely funded by grants and volunteer labor. Being an outdoor recreation destination can be attractive to those hoping to join us as residents and businesses.

More info on these topics can be found at The Issues page.

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