Ms. Gehringer's ELA Class


Supply List:

3 subject notebook

2 pocket folder


Small Square Post It's

Dear Student:

I believe in your ability to be successful, and learn. I will support your efforts.

You are the reason I am here.

Ms. Gehringer


Extra Help:

Tuesday/ Thursday at 7:45 am

Third lunch Shift Day (with a pass)

Please come prepared with materials and questions!

Alternative times are available by appointment.


Eighth Grade ELA Curriculum

UNIT 1: Examining and Creating Literature and Information Text

  • How is literature relevant in the real world?

UNIT 2: Determining the Importance of Literature and Information Text

  • How do we remember the past?

UNIT 3: Comparing and Contrasting Perspectives

  • When is it right to take a stand?

UNIT 4: Examining Character Traits

  • In what different ways are people intelligent?

UNIT 5: Analyzing Author's Craft

  • Are inventions realized through inspiration or perspiration?

UNIT 6: Evaluating Complex Text



  • Quarterly: 1 graded Literary Letter; 1 analytical essay
  • Memoir Draft
  • Short Story Draft
  • Argumentative Essay Draft
  • Informational/ Research Draft
  • 3-5 original poems

All final drafts of work will be stored on Google Classroom.


Course Description:

Eighth grade Language Arts consists of reading and comprehending various types of literary genres. Another goal is to continue our work on the grammar and mechanics of the English language in order to prepare the students for high school level expectation.

Course Philosophy:

The philosophy of this course is to overall expand the students’ knowledge of literature and to cultivate the appreciation of various types of literary genres. This course is designed in the format of multi-draft readings, focus lessons, discussions and group work as a way to fully help the student to not only comprehend the class work but to also promote higher level thinkers in the realm of literature. We then apply this critical thinking to their own lives.

District ELA Grading Policy:

Homework: 15%

Quizzes/ Classwork: 45%

Tests/Projects: 40%


Plagiarism is using others’ ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information. We will learn how to cite our references, and annotate notes so this is not an issue. Serious consequences may be imposed if plagiarism is committed, which could include the receipt of an automatic F on the assignment. Each case will be handled individually.

If you missed class for ANY reason:

YOU are responsible for the work you miss

Have a friend in class that you can call or ask for help/ check the homework hotline

Copy any notes that you miss

See Ms. Gehringer for extra help or with questions

Behavior Expectations:

R.E.A.C.H. (Responsibility, Effort, Attitude, Character, High Expectations)

These items are something that every student should strive to achieve and/or gain throughout the year. Every student is expected to follow the Student Handbook and the expectations of the R.E.A.C.H. rubric on which they will be evaluated several times throughout the year.

Our goal in the classroom is to be productive and focused on our work so that all students can learn. Any student who chooses to not follow our school and classroom expectations can expect the following to occur:

Classroom Behavior Plan:

1. Verbal Warning

(a seat change may occur at teacher's discretion)

2. Writing Assignment/ Parent Contact

3. Detention/ Parent Contact

4. Referral/ Parent Contact

(administration or guidance referral TBD)

Refer to the following links for specific expectations: behavior, dress code