Safety Matches and Usage of Fire in Daily Life

Fire is a basic need for every human to lead their life. Fire is a chemical reaction that gives us heat light energy. Flame is blazing part of the fire, and it is commonly a mixture of air and combustible gas, but it is visible to our eyes. Flames are formed in different colors based on the hot of the fire like white, orange, red, and yellow flames.

Usage of fire

Fire is not only an essential thing for human but also used in an environment like

1. Controlled fire are used in forest areas for destroying the unwanted trees and plants

2. Humans are using fire for making food and heading water.

3. People use fire to keep their body warm

4. Factories are using fire to burn waste material.

5. Fire also used for lighting purpose i.e light up the candle etc..

safety matches vs strike anywhere matches

Safety matches are also a kind of matches but are safe to use because it cannot be caught fire spontaneously the light comes when igniting the matchstick on the side of the matchbox. But strike anywhere matches will make fire instantly by striking the matchbox hard, rough or dry surface

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