Geek Camp 2019 - Pueblo

Geek Camp 2019 - Pueblo Schedule

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

PSAS Fulton Heights

1411 Santa Rosa St, Pueblo, CO 81006

Thank You!

We are beyond grateful to the leadership of Las Animas School District and GlobalED Solutions for brining Geek Camp to Southern Colorado Education.

Geek Camp is getting more exciting all the time! We have 2 Google for Education Certified Trainers, World- Renowned speaker and presenter Alice Keeler, incredible local presenters.

Some Highlights-

Alice Keeler- world-renowned presenter and educator from Freson, CA is an author and international presenter. It is an incredible opportunity to see her speak. She specializes in G Suite for Education, Math, Coding, and Pedagogy.

Beth Hamlin- international presenter, founder of Geek Camp, and lover of certifications and qualifications. Beth loves sharing about Computer Science, G Suite, 3D printing, and Raspberry Pi. Beth is a Trinidad native and travels the country presenting about GSuite. It hs been her dream for years to support educators from Southern Colorado.

Jennifer Shaffer- Contributor to national projects. Jen has created interactive lessons for her social studies classes. She also has found a way to automate differentiation. She will share some of her ideas on how to make lessons more interactive, including gamification.

Linda Horne- is an international presenter, she is one of Colorado's facilitators, a ELD certified, Colorado's first ISTE certified educator, and incredibly creative. She presents on how to help teachers incorporate practical strategies for support english language learners. She also shares on developing a computer science program for your students, STEAM for Girls, and much more. Linda is a fo-founder of Geek Camp.

Lynn Gershman- national presenter who speaks on a variety of topics sharing practical and creative ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom. Lynn has a variety of experiences and a great sense of humor. Her sessions never disappoint.

Julie Stewart- nationally published educator, specializes in primary grades. Julie loves to share about her uses of flexible seating, mobile learning, social media, and learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom.

Darby Shier- Educator and Certified Yoga instructor. Darby has written a program for teens that is certified by the Yoga Alliance. She conducts trainings on mindfulness and incorporating yoga into the classroom.

Veronica Gallegos- Pueblo talent that presents on G Suite. She has been working and presenting in the area for several years. She is incredibly knowledgeable.