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Welcome to the Greensburg Community High School Library page. Here you will find links to our resources and databases that are available for student and staff use.

Greensburg Community High School Library Media Center Policies

  • Individual students (not coming with a class) must have a pass. Get a seminar pass from the library before seminar. Obtain book passes and specific work passes from classroom teachers. When you arrive, please sign in at the desk. Get a pass before leaving the library.

  • Be quiet and respectful while in the LMC.

  • Students will report to the Library Media Center as soon as possible with all of the materials required to work within the Media Center.

  • Students may check out three books at one time.

  • You are responsible for all materials checked out under your name. If lost, you will be required to pay for the lost item. Therefore, do not loan a library book to a friend.

  • You may ask us to put a “hold” on a book. We will then save it for you. When it is returned to the library, we will let your seminar teacher know we have it for you. Notices are also sent to your school e-mail account.

Helpful Hints

  • Fiction (made-up) books are arranged by genre.

  • Nonfiction (true) books are arranged by subject. Each subject is assigned a Dewey number. Signs, practice, consulting the computer catalog, and asking Mrs. Mangels or Mrs. Beltran will help locate a nonfiction book.

  • If a book is checked out, we can place a “hold” on it for you.