6AM Meeting Guide

Virtual Edition

(Also Featuring Saturday/Sunday 6:30AM)

Meeting Guidelines

  • The room will open 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If you access the link before that, you will be placed in the waiting room until the host arrives. Please do not contact anyone about this - this is normal and expected behavior.

  • Please refrain from shouting or making loud noises directly into the microphone. Many people wear headphones with the volume turned up to hear someone speaking softly and these loud sounds may upset or disturb them.

  • Please also be mindful of other sounds right next to your microphone like slurping coffee, ruffling papers, etc. can be heard very loudly by everyone and can be distracting. Please keep yourself muted when not talking or ensure the noises on your microphone is not causing distractions to the meeting.

  • Please also mute yourself when moving your computer or phone between locations as it causes a lot of noise.

  • If you have any concerns during the meeting about any of these things, please send a private message to the Host of that meeting.

7th Tradition Contribution Links:

SF Gratitude Center:

Venmo link: @SFGratitudeCenter PayPal: finance@sfgratitude.org SquareCash: $gratitudecenter

AA General Service Office

Central Office (SF & Marin)

Hospital & Institution Committee (Northern California) (monies collected in pink cans)

Local General Service Area Committee (CA Northern Coastal Area)

San Francisco General Service District: P.O. Box 421907 San Francisco, CA 94142-1907

Some tips on using Zoom:


  • To change your display name, you can do so before entering the meeting or during the meeting by hovering over your profile and clicking on the 3 dots in the the lower right and clicking Rename

  • If you are not in a quiet area, please mute your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon in the lower left so that a red slash appears over it

  • You can video-mute yourself as well if you do not want to broadcast using your camera. This will cause your display name to appear in the video box.

  • Chat is included in all Zoom conferences. Hovering over the lower bar will reveal a chat icon and clicking on it will pop open the chat window on the right.

  • You can send chat messages to Everyone or privately to attendees by using the dropdown menu. *PLEASE* check twice before sending a message that you are sending it to the correct person/forum. Chat messages cannot be unsent.

  • To enable virtual background (i.e. show the Golden Gate bridge instead of your living room), click on your profile picture and click Settings. Go down to Virtual Background and select the image you want to display behind you. If you are prompted to download something, its the background software, so if you want to use it download it.


  • Zoom is available on iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) through the App Store or the Google Play Store

  • If you do not have Zoom on your phone or tablet or aren't sure, click on the App Store and search for Zoom as shown in the picture below.. Install the app to use Zoom with your phone.

  • To see the Gallery view of meeting attendees, swipe left on the display

  • To open chat, click the bottom of the screen and then Attendees. Then click the Chat button. Files cannot be shared over chat in the mobile version.

  • To find additional options, click on the More button with three dots.

  • To enable virtual background (i.e. show the Golden Gate bridge instead of your living room) before you join the meeting click on Virtual Background and select before entering the room. During the meeting, click on your profile picture, then click More in the lower right. Click Virtual Background. Use the arrow buttons on the bottom of the interface to select the image you want to display behind you..

    • Virtual Background is only available on iPhone 8 and above, iPad Pro or iPad 5/6+, and more recent version of Zoom and Mac/PC OS software. If you are not seeing the Virtual Background button, please check your system requirements.

  • Make sure to click the read Leave link at the top right to exit the meeting. Otherwise, you may still be connected and other attendees will hear what you are doing and saying in the background.

This is what you should install in the App Store