Mitch and Josh's Private Lacrosse Training

About Us

This will be our 5th consecutive year as being teammates, heading into our senior year at Granite Bay High School. We are leaders on the Granite Bay Varsity team, as well as the multitude of travel teams we play for. For example, ADVNC National, Aces Elite, and Aces Pinnacle are just a few of the teams we play for. We both have younger siblings in the youth program that we have coached and mentored using our knowledge of the game. We want to fully prepare the players for the upcoming tryouts, for both their club and travel team; as well as incorporate the fun and entertainment of the game, just as we have experienced it.

A Little More...

Mitch Tullo

The upcoming 2017-2018 season will mark my fourth year on Varsity and ninth year as a lacrosse player. I am very passionate about the sport, as I always look to improve, not only with my physical attributes, but with my knowledge on and off the field. Last season I received the 2016-2017 Most Improved Player award. I am also a referee for the game, as I want to give back to the lacrosse community, after it has done so much for me. Outside of lacrosse, I am an AP and Honors student, as well as having been involved with Student Government and volunteering. Overall, Josh and I look to improve the skills of the future players of the Granite Bay program, as well as to prepare them for the season.

Josh Grahame

As of this year it will be my seventh year playing lacrosse, as well as my third and final year on the Granite Bay Varsity team. I started playing LSM (Long Stick Middie) 3 seasons ago and have since progressed to verbally committing to play at the NCAA collegiate level with Ursinus College. I have three younger siblings, all involved with the Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse program. My passion is lacrosse, as it is much more than just a sport, as it can open up many avenues to pursue in the future. Along with Mitch, I want to further grow the game at the younger levels, and hope to inspire others to pursue the game of lacrosse at the highest level.

Our Program

We will be providing our knowledge and experience of the game to each player that we train. Depending on the athlete's level of play, we will be conducting different drills. We will know what skill level each player is at, by running a sequence of drills almost like a diagnostic test.

The drills that we will be doing with our players will emphasize the main ideas of:

  • Stick Skills (passing, catching, cradling)
  • Conditioning (running, footwork, strength)
  • Lacrosse IQ (field positioning, slide packages, ball movement)


Flat rate of:

$20 per hour - 1-2 Players

$40 per hour - Group of 3-4 Players

$75 per hour - Group of 5-6 Players

$84 per hour - Group of 7+ Players



*Contact us to sign up!

Scott Pink

Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach

"Learn lacrosse from two of the top high school players in our region!"