Google Basics: Whaddya Know?

A Pre-Assessment


Have you ever attended a professional development workshop and thought, "Wait, I already know this stuff?" What if you could determine ahead of time if a PD session is right for you and then get credit for it?

Or think of it this way: what if you could get a passing grade for a class without spending any time in class?

That's the purpose of this pre-assessment:

  • To figure out what you do know
  • To figure out what you don't know
  • To show what you know
  • To help your PD provider design meaningful and purposeful professional development that is customized and targeted to your learning needs.

We hope you like this idea of pre-PD and that you find it functional, useful, and a time-saver!


There are six G Suite Apps that are crucial for digital learning in today's connected classrooms: Drive, Docs, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Sheets.

For this pre-assessment activity, you will not only be asked questions about your knowledge of the basic skills for these apps, but you will also be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of them by creating an assigned task within each app.

The tasks themselves are quick and relatively painless if you have a basic working knowledge of Drive, Docs, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Sheets. If not, that's okay, too. That just tells us that an in-person workshop is best for you, and it will help us figure out how to best design a session that provides for maximum productivity.

This entire activity--if you are solid on your basic knowledge of these apps--should take you about one to two hours to complete. If you are able to complete all six of the tasks, you will be exempt from our training, but you will still receive a certificate of completion for continuing education purposes.

So Let's Get Started...

  1. Click each tab in the navigation bar to work through the six apps, starting with Drive.
  2. Depending on the app, you will be asked to either answer a series of questions or to perform a brief task.
  3. After completing the task, you will submit a link to it via a Google Form.
  4. Unable to complete a task? No worries. There's a place in the Form for you to indicate that. (Again, this helps us plan for our face-to-face meeting!)
  5. If you have any questions during the course of this activity, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to help!

Your Digital Learning Services Coach

Stephanie DeMichele is a digital learning consultant, speaker, and coach who encourages & inspires educators to grow, to innovate, and to overcome their edtech fears when it comes to student-centered learning.

In her eleven years in K-12 classrooms as a high school English teacher, a gifted + talented course developer, a technology teacher, and a district technology coordinator, Stephanie has researched, tried, failed, tried again, tweaked, and evolved as a digital learner herself. She embraced digital teaching and learning with her first paperless classroom in 2008 and loves sharing her experiences and ideas--as well as those she's observed from amazing teachers--with others.

Stephanie is a Google-Certified Trainer, an ambassador for Flipgrid, Edpuzzle, Screencastify, and Quizlet, a Ditchbook Ambassador and a member of Matt Miller's Ditch That Textbook Speakers’ Bureau. You can connect and learn more at