Gay Street UMC

Children and Youth Choirs

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Youth and Childrens Choirs sing for Worship on March 17th.

Meet at 10:20am. Robes.

Do Not Be Afraid Mark Burrows (Rainbow Singers)

The Lord is My Light Mark Patterson. Pslam 27:1-6. (Sunbeam Choir and Rainbow Singers)

Click this link to practice!

A Lenten Love Song Helen Kemp (Youth Choir Benediction)

Youth Choir- Click here to practice!

Youth and Children Also Sing:

April 14th- Palm Sunday

Little Grey Donkey Natalie Sleeth (Children and Youth)

Practice for Palm Sunday here!

May 5th- Children's Sunday (Tale of Three Trees)

The children’s music ministry of Gay Street United Methodist Church enables children to share in the leadership of worship through music. The Rainbow Singers, Sunbeam Choir, and Youth Choir participate in worship each month during the school year. The choirs also present music for a special service in December and are responsible for leading the congregation in our annual "Children’s Day" worship in the spring.

To instill the responsibility all Christians have in ministering to their church family and their community is a major emphasis of the ministry, as well as to educate the children in the scriptures and the tenants of their faith.

The director, accompanists, parents, and helpers endeavor to provide a safe environment that fosters the development of musical skills and literacy through song, movement, drumming, rhythm instruments, and choir chimes. During weekly rehearsals, the children explore and experience varied repertoire and worship expressions.

Ages 4-12th grade are welcome. The children have an after school style program with snacks to balance choir time. Join us for music and growing in faith.

Director: Mrs. Suzy Springer

Rainbow Singers 10/21/18

Youth Choir 10/21/18