Gavin's primary research interests include rhetorical invention, composition theory, digital media pedagogy, Queer Rhetorics and Cultural Rhetorics, writing program administration and assessment, literacy studies, and research methodologies.

He is currently working on multiple research projects addressing topics such as

  • grades as surveillance in an age of big data;
  • investigative pivots in rhetoric research;
  • building graduate student mentoring coalitions;
  • community literacy and service learning pedagogy;
  • small stories and ephemera as rhetorical evidence;
  • graduate student writing habits and experiences.

He recently published an article in Pre/Text: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory titled "From Rhetorical Eavesdropping to Rhetorical Foreplay: Orientations, Spacetimes, and the Emergence of a Queer Embodied Tactic" and is working on a co-edited collection with Jennifer Burgess titled Widening the View: Essays on Feminist Historiography, Ephemera Evidence, and Rhetorical Education.

A full list of publications and ongoing projects can be found on his CV.

Gavin P. Johnson 
Department of English, The Ohio State University 
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