Welcome to the Gate of Heaven Website

On October 29 & 30, 2019, people around the world will celebrate the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb (the Gate), the Forerunner of Bahá'u'lláh.

The Gate of Heaven Diary is a series of storytelling videos made to accompany the release my new album Gate of Heaven, a collection of songs based on the Bahá'í Writings. The diary tells the story of the Báb and His heroic followers, as recorded by Nabíl in his 19th-century chronicle, The Dawn-Breakers.

On this website, you will find the complete video series and all the songs from the album, as well as audio-podcasts and transcripts of the diary. The contents on each page can help you navigate to different parts of The Dawn-Breakers, and each page culminates with a song from the album. I hope you enjoy getting to know the story of the Báb. Happy Bicentenary!

Luke Slott

To learn more about the Bicentenary, visit bicentenary.bahai.org

Teaser: The Path Begins

Introduction to Gate of Heaven, the album

Episode 1: The Story of "Promised One"

Episode 2: School of the Promised One

Episode 3: The Scholar's Last Wish

Episode 4: Finding the Promised One