Gas Logs Atlanta

Why to Choose Gas Over Wood

Homeowners that buy homes with fireplaces often do so because they love the ambiance of a wood fire. The beauty of the flames is hypnotic, and on a frigid day, the fire supplies a layer of warmth that traditional heating systems can never offer. The problem with wood fires is the mess and the effort. Few people want to come home after a long day and just to cut, split and carry wood. The benefits without the mess are why gas logs have become so popular.

Fire Skills Unnecessary

Wood logs force people to learn how to start and maintain a fire. It is not always easy to achieve this because it depends on the dryness of the wood, the placement of the logs and many other factors. With Gas Logs Dallas homeowners have a fire crackling in their stove in seconds even if they do not have any camping skills.

Custom Designed Fires

Manufacturers now make logs to look like popular species of trees. The user can select from a huge array of designs to give their fire the look they prefer. They can even decide on the size of the fire and the arrangement of the wood based on the logs they buy.

Reduce Common Dangers

A chimney inspection and annual service of a gas fireplace will keep the heating source safe and enjoyable. Unlike wood-burning fires, there is very little chance of sparks, chimney fires or the room filling with smoke. The air is also safer for people with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies that may feel uncomfortable in a home with a wood fire. Using Gas Logs Atlanta homes also will not have the burning wood scent. Some may consider this odor a benefit of wood fires, but many others dislike the smell that clings to their clothing and homes.

Gas fireplaces are as efficient as they are attractive. Many models allow people to enjoy the flames without the heat, so they can enjoy their fire on a rainy summer day without overheating the house. Best of all, gas log fireplaces can burn every day for months and there are never ashes to sweep and carry out of the home.