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Disco Dance Floor

Aug 2017

A 10' x 10' light up, weight sensitive dance floor. Each of the 64 squares (8 x 8) are independently lit and controlled by a Raspberry Pi.

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Two Hearts Felt Show

Jan 2017

A felt show created as a "Save the Date" for my wedding.

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Wonder Cube

Dec 2016

A 8" x 8" x 8" open cube with LEDs lining each face and covered with one way reflective acrylic. The effect is a colorful infinite reflection when looking into any face of the cube.

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Nested Boxes

Dec 2015

A set of 7 wooden boxes that nest within each other. Each box has a different inlay pattern of colorful acrylic.

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Bear Car

Aug 2015

A two seat, electric powered car made to resemble Rilakkuma. The car is made of two identical beach cruiser bicycles, bolted together, with an aluminum and PVC tube frame covered with colored nylon fabric.

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Boom Box Suitcases

Aug 2014

A collection of vintage suitcases with holes cut for speakers, and fitted with a radio receiver, amplifier and battery pack. Paired with a transmitter will broadcast to all suitcases or can be individually driven by a smart phone via 1/8" audio cable.

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Coffee Grinder

Dec 2013

A Hario manual burr grinder converted to a powered grinder. Motor recycled from a laser printer, custom sprockets cut from steel and built onto a stylized acrylic base.

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Coffee Magnets

Apr 2013

A set of 5 magnets cut with the logos of San Francisco coffee roasters.

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Menagerie Mechanique

Aug 2012

A gamelan-like ensemble made up of 10 instruments, each on a stand behind a animal facade, and electronically controlled via a pad just below the box. Each box repeats the taps it receives on the pad in sync, effectively creating a life sized sequencer.

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Solarium Nightlight

Dec 2011

A take on the Solarium project completed in August 2011 as a nightlight. LEDs within a opaque white sphere run through a series of patterns, controlled with a light trigger.

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Aug 2011

A small 10' diameter dome on 3' walls (resembling an igloo) with LEDs lining the inside ceiling. The LEDs project a sunrise and sunset effect across the ceiling repeating every 5 minutes. Fully powered by a roof mounted solar panel.

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Blinky Suit

Aug 2010

Black jeans and black long sleeved shirt covered with geometric shapes made from bent el-wire. An 8 channel sequencer connected 8 sets of el-wire on the clothing to create animated effects.

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