KASHIWA is 2nd Gardens project!

 This is a Cube Sat (satellite) under development by Chiba Institute of Technology's students.

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Development team

 The satellite development team is participating in Advanced Engineer Development Project conducted by the Planetary Exploration Research Center (PERC) of Chiba Institute of Technology.

 The team started the development of KASHIWA in February 2022 as a second project student.

 The team is made up of students belonging to many faculties and departments, and we are developing satellites by organizing them by talking advantage of each strength.

【What Gardens?

What ^2 KASHIWA?

(1)KASHIWA is a city name. Many our members live in the Kashiwa city. ( Wikipedia "Kashiwa" )

(2)Kashiwa is know Quercus dentata  of the tree name. ( Wikipedia "Quercus dentata" )

(3)Kashiwa is know mochi of the name.( Wikipedia "Mochi" ) ( Wikipedia "Kashiwa mochi" )

1st GARDENs YOMOGI (Mochi)


3rd GARDENs SAKURA (Mochi)  new! 13/Sep/2022