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Roller doors & outdoor blinds - how they work

Home owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the type of blinds and shutters that they’d like to have installed. From regular vertical access points, right through to standard access points that function in the same way as front doors within homes. There is one particular type of alternative that is rapidly increasing in popularity and they are referred to as garage roller doors.

They serve the same purpose as traditional access points; being used to safely house contents, as well as provide access to home owners; but they have one major difference and that’s the way in which they function. As their name might suggest, these types of doors ‘roll’ open, but the way in which they do so could be considered quite advanced - so any maintenance should only ever be undertaken by a garage door installation expert.

How does the rolling blind mechanism work?

These types of rollers are typically controlled by electronic systems, with fobs that can be pressed to allow the door to open, or to close. Others are manual in nature and can be rolled up with a bit of elbow grease – but although different in nature, the mechanisms contained within both variants are fairly similar.

All of these windows and doors will feature a rolling mechanism located internally, at the very top of the door, and this is what will control the functionality of the entry point. The way in which the door is designed allows each roll of metal to ‘fold’ neatly against those located above them when opening, and below them when closing.

Most doors will feature flat panels that run horizontally and on either end of each panel is located a small, supportive component that will rotate as the door opens and closes. Whenever the door is opened the components roll in a particular direction and due to their shape, they then roll inwards in a way that allows them to be neatly housed alongside the panel in which it is connected to.

Roller & Shutter Panels

Whenever the window or door is rolled up these panels will align themselves, in the case of newer models. But there is another type of roller door to consider – and this type features a different method of functionality. Instead of the panels aligning themselves the entire door will remain connected to one singular panel, with each individual piece being able to modify its angle as it’s rolled up and down.

When opened, the entire door will slide upwards and inside of the garage - with the panels changing angle ever so slightly to allow them to go from vertical to horizontal. Either type can be suitable for garages, regardless of the size and shape of the construction itself. Their ability to take up a minimal amount of space makes them very popular and as the components are all easily accessed; they can be very simply to maintain and repair when necessary.

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