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Viking Overhead is the best choice for first-class garage door repair in Burleson Texas. Our main location is right in your backyard, located just one mile away from downtown Burleson. Providing the best customer service for your garage door is our number one priority. Every customer is family to us, that means we will always treat your home with the same care and respect as our own! As a garage door repair company that’s veteran-owned and operated, we know what it means to serve in a courteous, fair and professional manner. We are dedicated and very passionate about what we can do for you. Viking Overhead provides service to residential customers, apartment complexes and local businesses in Burleson. Contractors and home builders are also very welcome to join our growing family. When considering maintenance or upgrades to your home or business, Viking Overhead seeks to provide the best garage door repair services, installation, and customer care. We also offer service for electronic security gates. Our team of technicians have years of experience and always available, on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Same-day emergency service is also available. Call us to schedule your appointment for your garage door repair today.

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Garage Door Repair Burleson, TX

One of the most important aspects of garage door repair in Burleson is the quality of garage door parts we use. With so many types of garage door openers and garage door parts on the market, our experienced team only selects the best garage door openers and garage door part manufactures for unmatched performance that will fit your budget. To us, quality matters—that’s why we carry tougher steel hinges, thicker garage door cables, steel ball bearing rollers, and enduring garage door springs. Garage door openers should be made to last and that’s why Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers are part of our inventory—the best on the market. But no matter the type of opener you may already have, we are ready to service and repair all brands of garage door openers as necessary. We provide each customer options unique to the service they require and guarantee a nice clean job every time. Our garage door repair technicians are trained to the highest standards in the industry and follow a code that our company believes is vital for excellence. Viking Overhead also offers maintenance options for every customer. Routine maintenance keeps your garage doors safe, and operational ensuring the safety and durability of repairs and installation. While each garage door service and repair calls are unique, our standard technicians are trained with the strictest proficiency in the following skills:

Burleson Garage Door Repair Assessment and Estimates

Our Garage Door Technicians are trained to spot potential hazards and repairs needed for your garage doors. Making the customer aware of existing damage and potential problems with your garage door will ensure the lifespan and functionality of all your garage door components. We believe a garage door technician should always give the best possible solution for every customer with no pressure. Educating the customer in a respectful and honest manner about their garage door and garage door components enables both parties to come to an agreement when estimating price regardless of how big or how small the garage door service may be.

Burleson Garage Door Safety Inspection

At Viking Overhead, safety is our number one concern for garage doors. Without proper understanding of how your garage door functions, any garage door can become a potential hazard to family members, pets or property. Safety inspections include checking the garage door cables for frays or burs that may cause them to snap, correct garage door spring size according to the weight of your garage door. If garage door springs are not measured and installed correctly, the garage door may become a safety hazard, not to mention damage to property. Our garage door technicians check the drums attached to the garage door cables located on the top left and right sides of the door for correct installation and wear. Drums are an important part in the overall functionality of your garage door, and they must be in good working order to prevent the cables from rubbing, snapping or slipping off a damaged drum. The torsion bar is inspected for wear along with the center bearing plate and end bearing plates properly secured so that the garage door components preventing the hardware becoming loose causing the garage door to crash onto the floor of your garage. All hardware is checked as well including the garage door hinges which hold the panels of garage doors together and help garage doors move to the open and close position smoothly. Garage door panels are also checked for tears as any tear in the panels of garage doors will eventually cause them to buckle and fold. Tracks and rollers are also checked on your garage doors to prevent the door coming out of the tracks, preventing a potential injury. Safety points also include the garage door opener as part of the system. Older models of garage door openers—just like any electronic machine—can lose the ability to function properly over time. This aspect is especially important when considering the federal government now requires safety eyes to be sold packaged with every opener in the United States. Some older models of garage door openers are missing safety eyes, which may not have existed at the time of sale. Safety eyes are the component of garage doors that stop the garage door opener from crushing anything that may be in the path of a closing garage door, proper installation and functionality is not regulated, however poses a serious safety hazard if they are used improperly. Garage door openers also have pressure sensors which regulate how hard the motor is pushing and pulling, preventing accidents that sometimes happen when the setting is improperly adjusted. Rest assured, our garage door technicians will by company policy at a minimum make every customer aware of any potential hazards.

Burleson Garage Door Repair

Garage Door repairs by our technicians is the absolute best in Burleson TX. Many garage doors may not need an absolute replacement and our technicians are able to repair any damaged of worn component of your garage doors. As parts wear on garage doors, scheduled maintenance enables customers and technicians to identify repairs as needed throughout the years to come. One small problem with garage door wear can potentially lead to a garage door replacement or extensive repairs . As homeowners we know that home repair is important, and cost-effective with a long-term investment. That's why Viking Overhead works hard for every garage door customer to understand and protect their investment into their garage doors. Technicians at Viking Overhead of Burleson offer only the best possible repair options for garage doors, garage door components, hardware and garage door electronic openers.

Garage Door Opener Repair Burleson

There are many companies that manufacture, and distribute many different types of garage door openers. Our garage door technicians know the key components inside the housing of garage door openers, as well as external components. Improper safety eye alignment can cause a garage door to malfunction, endangering both the safety and further potential damage to your garage door. Our technicians are skilled with an extensive amount of training making a safety eye alignment a quick and easy fix. Viking Overhead can also test your safety eyes if they are in need of replacement, our inventory includes replacement safety eyes, as this a common malfunction identified with garage door openers. Garage door keypads and wall buttons are also another external component of garage door openers that are prone to malfunction, but it's a walk in the park for our technicians here at Viking Overhead as each technician has a working knowledge of home power sources and all garage door opener electronic devices. Inside the housing of your garage door opener, there are many moving components vital to the functionality and operation of your garage door opener. Power surges , depending on the configuration of your home's ability to protect against them, can often fry electronic devices, rendering them completely useless including your garage door openers. Viking Overhead recommends using power surge protectors in order to prevent an overload of electricity filtering into your garage door opener's circuit board. Garage door openers are designed to operate with low-voltage, for energy-efficiency, therefore without a surge protector your garage door opener is at risk during any type of power surge, the most common being an electrical storm. However, our garage door technicians are skilled and are able to replace the circuit board in your garage door opener safely and correctly. Gear kits are also a major component with the housing of your garage door opener, sometimes they wear quickly because of improper garage door spring size on your garage door, causing the motor to work harder, and grinding the gears inside and the shaft of the gear component to shear, rendering the garage door opener useless. But our technicians are required to replace many garage door gear kits in training and in the field, and this cost-effective method can save your garage door opener!

Garage Door Opener Installation Burleson

Viking Overhead also installs new garage door openers. But before your new garage door is installed, our technicians check the balance of the garage door before the installation of a new opener is installed. Balance is a key factor in the life your garage door opener. Garage door openers are manufactured to help guide the door up, and garage door springs are really the components that do the heavy lifting. Balance means the garage door springs are doing their job, the average garage door weighs over 100 pounds and without proper spring configuration, the balance can be thrown off, which will damage your garage door opener. At Viking Overhead, we check the balance of the door and proper garage door spring configuration every time before installing a new garage door opener. During installation, our technicians take pride in their work, and guarantee a quick and clean job for the installation of a new garage door opener. Our trucks are always equipped with high-quality Liftmaster and Chamberlain products so you won't have to wait for your new garage door opener. Garage door openers offer added security to your home, locking down the garage door when in the closed position. Garage door openers also upgrade your garage door with ease of entry while parking your car and securing your personal vehicle. Garage door openers conveniently open and close your garage door automatically instead of hand-lifting opening and closing the garage door.. There are many options when it comes to garage door openers, Liftmaster garage door openers and Chamberlain garage door openers manufacture chain drive openers, belt drive openers, and jackshaft garage door openers. A chain drive garage door opener is the most common, these garage door openers are equipped with a heavy-duty-lightweight type of chain, similar to a bicycle chain pulled by the gear shaft that is located on the top of the housing of the opener and spins when the opener is in operation. With the right amount of tension adjusted by our technicians, the chain becomes taught, and pulls a trolley attached to a j-bar, which is attached to your garage door, pulling from of the center of the garage door to ensure smooth operation. These type of garage door openers are suspended by a rail attached and centered to the header board above your garage door. There are a few types of rails that fit with our Liftmaster and Chamberlain products, sectional rails attach to garage door openers in pieces, there are also solid rails which come as one piece of solid iron, and a heavy-duty I-beam rail which is used for heavy duty garage doors. All three types of rails can be observed for a chain-drive opener depending on the product purchased. Another type is a belt drive garage door opener, which operates in the same fashion as a chain drive , only instead of a chain, a rubber steel reinforced belt is attached to the motor head of the garage door opener. One advantage of the belt drive garage door opener is the quiet operation of the belt made of steel housed in rubber, these garage door openers are also known for the motor being quieter as well. The jackshaft type of garage door opener is attached to the torsion bar above your garage door rather than being suspended by a rail. Jackshaft garage door openers have added security features such as an automatic deadbolt that locks the garage door with a heavy duty bolt system right into the garage door track. Many customers prefer the jackshaft type of garage door opener because it is somewhat hidden as compared to the other types that require a rail hanging over the center of the garage door. But no matter what type of garage door opener you choose, Viking Overhead is able to install them all, and are technicians can provide the best option for all our customers! New garage door openers also have options for an outside keypad, and extra remotes for your convenience. When choosing from the latest models in garage door openers , customers also have the option to download an app to their mobile device that allow the customer to see the status of their garage door. Coupled with the technology of the latest garage door openers, the app can also open and close the garage door opener from the mobile device. The password protected app ensures family members will never be locked out again and allow the homeowner to monitor the security of their garage door from anywhere!

Broken Garage Door Springs Burleson

At Viking Overhead, we offer the best selection of high-quality products, including garage door springs. Garage door springs are the key component that open and close your garage door. There are two main types of garage door springs, the first are called extension springs, which are located on the sides of your garage door. Extension springs are extended when the door is down and contracted when the door is up, keeping the door firmly in place. Because your garage door is usually in the down position, with the extension springs fully extended, they tend to stretch out over time. When this happens, the springs lose their tightly coiled shape and become less effective. For that reason, extension springs should be replaced regularly, and more frequently. At Viking Overhead, we recommend a torsion spring system for your garage door. This type of garage door spring system balances the weight of your garage door with ease. A garage door, without the use of a garage door opener, or manual mode, should be easy to lift to the open position and close just as easily. In fact, a garage door that’s properly balanced can be lifted and closed by a small child with ease. If your garage door feels heavy to lift in the open position, your garage door may have worn, improperly installed, or broken garage door springs. Garage door springs in the industry have what’s called a cycle rating. One cycle is equal to one revolution of the garage door, from the down position, all the way up to the open position, and all the way back down to the closed position. At Viking Overhead of Burleson, we use the highest-quality springs when repairing your garage door to ensure that it performs the way it was designed Our springs are made from high-grade steel coated to help to prevent corrosion and reduce friction. This unique design allows our garage door springs to last up to five times longer than springs you might find at other garage door companies. Where normal springs typically last for anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 cycles our springs are tested to last between 25,000 to 50,000 cycles. Garage door springs that are part of a counter-balance system are usually located above the center of the door, attached to a long torsion bar that runs the length of your garage door. If your garage door suddenly becomes extremely heavy, or your garage door opener struggles or simply refuses to lift or close your garage door, you may have a broken garage door spring. A broken garage door spring, without proper maintenance can occur at any time, trapping your vehicles in the garage because the door is too heavy to lift. You can visibly check for a broken garage door spring above your door to see if the spring is broken. In most cases, a broken garage door spring will be clearly visible. If your garage door is big enough to fit two vehicles, Viking Overhead recommends a two-spring setup. Some two-car garage doors have one spring attached above the garage door, because some garage door installers prefer to use one larger garage door spring which may not be able to balance the garage door properly. Not to mention, all the stress of a heavy garage door, meant to house two or more cars, will fail faster with one spring rather than two. For smaller one-car garage doors, one spring is usually enough, but one spring for a big door is often times a common error, causing a broken spring that has to be replaced more often. Heavier garage doors, such as wood or wood faux doors often require even more springs in order to operate properly, but again correct garage door spring setup depends on the weight of your garage door. At Viking Overhead, our trucks are outfitted to fix broken garage door springs on the spot! And our technicians have the knowledge base and skill to fix any broken garage door spring.

Garage Door Remotes and Keypads in Burleson TX

Viking Overhead of Burleson carries a very liberal supply of brand specific and universal remotes and keypads. If we dont have what your looking for on our trucks then we can get it! Garage door remotes are often thought to be universal for all garage door openers. Although there are a few models that are universal to most, none of which are universal for all garage door openers. It is common every 5-10 years for different manufactures to switch frequency on their radio equipment. After several years and models and frequencies, programming can become more and more difficult. Sometime the programming it self can be fairly easy however choosing and knowing exactly which remote fits your garage door opener is more of the challenge. Liftmaster for example has garage door openers that have looked the same for many years so you would think the remotes would all be the same and that is not the case. If you purchase a universal 2 button remote either the "clicker", "chamberlain", or "Liftmaster" you chances of that working for any genie, overhead, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears, and Linear are pretty good. There are a few brands however that are becoming more popular and dont work with standard universal equipment from big box stores. Guardian and Marantec are 2 that come to mind that will not program to your standard universal remote and you must purchase their brand specific equipment.

Garage Door Opener Programming Burleson

Programming garage door opener electronic components can be complicated for the average homeowner, that's why at Viking Overhead, our garage door technicians are certified to program garage door openers and devices in a snap. When operating your garage door electronic devices, you may experience malfunctions, or loss of garage door opener programming due to operator error. But most commonly,many homeowners acquire new electronic devices that require programming for their existing or new garage door opener. When programming garage door openers, it is important to note that not all garage door openers and electronic devices are programmed the same way in sequence or functionality. Garage door opener programming for older models may require correctly matching a sequence of dip switches, located in the motor head of your garage door opener, and in the device the homeowner wishes to program. Few remotes, for example have dip switches which may be required to program an aged garage door opener. However, Viking Overhead carries universal garage door opener remotes that have the ability to program with almost any garage door opener. Security gates can also be programmed with the use of a universal garage door opener remote. When it comes to electronic devices, compatibility is key to programming garage door openers. Programming garage door opener remotes is only one area of expertise Viking Overhead is able to facilitate for our customers. Garage door opener keypads are another device that can be tricky to program with your garage door opener. Like garage door opener remotes, garage door opener keypads must be compatible with your garage door opener in order to program garage door openers properly. Wireless garage door opener keypads operate the same as any other wireless electronic device compatible with your garage door opener; by sending an electronic signal that your garage door opener can read and recognize as a command. Garage door opener keypads are manufactured in many makes and models, and our garage door technicians are well-educated when it comes to compatibility and technical proficiency when programming your garage door opener. The garage door opener industry has also successfully manufactured universal garage door opener keypads, also compatible with nearly every brand, make and model of garage door opener. With the purchase of a new vehicle in the modern age, many options are available--especially with the ever increasing acceleration of technology . Many car manufactures are equipping vehicles with state of the art automation for the convenience of built-in garage door opener remotes. The two most common types of built-in garage door remotes are Homelink and CarToU? Unfortunately however these electronic devices are not always compatible for programming garage door openers. Our technicians will be able asses whether or not the devices are compatible and will program garage door openers as necessary. Homelink and CartoU? devices are programmed differently in terms of sequence and require a general working knowledge in order to effectively program garage door openers. But no matter the situation, or myriad of devices a homeowner may have, Viking Overhead technicians can program any garage door opener device, or offer options for new devices that would otherwise be incompatible.

Cable Replacement

One of the most wearable parts on your garage door are the garage door cables. These cables are designed to lift the door from the bottom corners of the door and are usually connected to spring system. Due to the amount of tension running through the cables, they are likely to wear and fray over time. If the garage door spacing is not correct the cables may rub on the panels and tracks resulting in premature wear and fraying. Viking Overhead of Burleson carries the best quality cables we can find! Having a cable break on a garage door can be very dangerous resulting in the door falling on a person or vehicle. This is one of the most important items that should be inspected regularly. Quality garage door cables are made of high strength stainless steel. There are several garage door cables that come in different lengths and thicknesses depending on your door. Viking Overhead of Burleson always carries the cables you will need. We pride ourselves in keeping all sizes on the truck at all times!

Garage Door Rollers Burleson

Garage door rollers are one of the most wearable parts on a garage door. The amount of rollers you have usually depends on the number of panels or sections your door has. There are a huge variety of garage door rollers in terms of quality. Many builder grade garage doors come with a plastic roller that do not have any ball bearings. These garage door rollers tend to drag and cause the garage door to feel much more stiff while operating manually as well as cause your garage door opener to work harder lifting the garage door. Viking Overhead of Burleson only carries the best in garage door rollers. All of our rollers have a steel shaft and 11 ball bearings with a nylon head. This allows the door to roll much more smoothly and take unneeded stress off of the garage door opener. The nylon roller is designed to grip the track and promote rolling rather than dragging as well as providing quiet operation.

Door Off Track

Garage doors are prone to coming off track resulting in damage of door, person, or property. Typically garage door off track situations are cause by either lack of maintenance, failing parts, or accidents caused by the home owner. In most cases garage doors are able to be put back on track and operational again. In other cases, severe garage door off track requires replacement of the panels or complete garage door. Viking Overhead of Burleson considers any garage door off track an emergency repair and will guarantee same day service!

Cable Off

Garage door "cable offs" are a very common issues that happens to garage doors with a torsion spring system. When your door gets stuck and becomes crooked that usually means one of your cables has come off of the drum. This issue is more times that not caused by the following things; door opened or closed onto an object inside of garage, previous technician installed the wrong size springs on the door or did not properly wind them to the proper specifications for the door, or the garage has shifted due to remodeling or foundation issues. A cable off can be a very minor and simple repair that only requires placing the cable back onto the drum or it cause cause major damage to the tracks, panels, and hinges. The majority of cable off calls can be repaired onsite with the parts we carry on our trucks. During every inspection we strongly recommend that customers move rakes, shovels, and anything leaning against the wall near the tracks to prevent this from happening. Another common way this happens is homeowners tend to hang things from the tracks. In either instance when the door is traveling and one side hits an obstruction and the other side does not, it causes the cable on one side or the other to become loose and come out of its designated groove in the drum.

Door Adjustments

Viking Overhead of Burleson runs several service calls each day. More times than not track adjustments are all that doors require to run smoothly. The most common track adjustment that is needed is adjusting the space in between in the door and the door jamb. This sounds simple and it can be in some situations, but it can also be a lot more difficult that it may seem. It is very common for builders to install doors in a hurry and usually the door will function fine for the first few years. Making adjustments and leveling tracks and panels is a common and affordable garage door repair that will cause your door to run smoother. Garage doors that are not adjusted properly can cause damage to the garage door opener and motor by causing the opener to work harder than it is designed to. A properly balanced garage door will operate very smoothly by hand and feel very light. When the garage door is too close and rubbing or pressed tightly against the jamb the door becomes stiff and hard to move. The combination of doors that are not adjusted correctly and openers with force setting turned up to high can result in serious and expensive damage to the door that could have been prevented by simple and affordable track adjustments.

Annual Maintenance

Maintenance for your home or business is important for protecting those long term investments. Many people conduct maintenance for their personal vehicles, ensuring the wearable parts are replaced regularly and serviced. A garage door is part of your home, and as with other machine parts with moving components, your garage door needs annual maintenance. To prevent damage of existing problems with your garage door, Viking Overhead strongly recommends annual maintenance and safety inspection regardless of the age of your garage doors. Annual maintenance includes lubrication, tightening of hardware, safety inspection, and garage door opener inspection. Lubrication of your hinges, garage door springs, and garage door opener components are essential for the durability of your garage door system. Our garage door technicians use a lightweight lubrication oil that doesn't leave residue or bind moving parts, and allows for moving components to function smoother--even quieting the garage door in some cases. While garage doors are low-maintenance compared to many other things homeowners have to maintain in their home, Viking Overhead technicians can educate and inform customers how to lubricate their garage door, however, annual maintenance still must be conducted for many of the other moving parts. Annual maintenance also allows for our technicians to identify and inform our customers of potential issues with their garage door or garage door opener. Just like fine-tuning an engine, annual garage door maintenance ensures the functionality of your garage door in the best possible condition with regard to safety and performance. Annual maintenance is the key to long-lasting life of your garage door!

Torsion Conversion

Torsion spring systems are the preferred choice for garage doors and if you don't have a torsion style spring system you can more than likely have your current spring system converted to a torsion spring system. For years extension springs were the springs that came standard on garage doors. Times have changed and there are many advantages of having a torsion style spring system on your garage door. Safety is a big one, extension style spring systems have been know to be much more dangerous due to the design in which they stretch along side of the door above your head. When these style spring break they send all the force of that spring through the air over your vehicle and across your garage. Almost any extension style spring system on sectional doors can be upgraded to torsion spring. This leaves you with a much safer garage and usually a better balanced and smoother running garage door. There are other styles of torsion spring that are designed poorly and would benefit greatly by being replaced with a traditional torsion spring system. The choice for many builders today is Wayne Dalton or Overhead Doors with "torquemaster" spring systems. Although they technically are still torsion springs they look much different from the standard torsion setup. If your looking in your garage and dont see any springs or coils then more than likely you have a torquemaster system. Torquemaster spring systems were designed to be inexpensive and easy for installers to install in new homes. This is what makes them a common choice for builders. With our experience at Viking Overhead of Burleson we have found torquemaster spring systems to last on average of 1-7 years. When they fail we recommend replacing with a standard torsion spring system. High cycle springs may be installed making them last much longer.

Hinge and Hardware Replacement

Hinge and hardware replacement can save your garage door. Viking Overhead carries the very best in quality hinges and hardware for your garage door., manufactured from heavy-duty steel. Hinges on your garage door not only hold the panels together on your sectional garage door, they also provide smooth operation, and durability of the panels of your garage door. Some garage door manufacturers and installers attach low-quality hinges which can tear over time, which makes for rough operation and can even damage your garage door panels. Garage door hinges must also be placed correctly, as there are different types of hinges meant to be placed on specific sections of the door. This is especially important when dealing with the end hinges on your garage door, because they house and secure your garage door rollers which glide in the tracks. Incorrect installation can lead to a myriad of problems that will damage the garage door, and over time will lead to more expensive repairs. bottom fixtures also commonly house rollers, and secure the high-tension cables on the sides of your garage door, loose bottom fixtures are a safety hazard and must be properly secured. Top fixtures are another component that houses garage door rollers, if they are weak or improperly secured, they may cause the top panel and rollers to pop out of the track. But the hardware isn't just on the door itself, hardware replacement also includes track brackets, cables and drums, end bearing plates and center bearing plates. End bearing plates and center bearing plates are meant to be sturdy and hold the torsion bar in place while rotating center bearings prevent the torsion bar from becoming damaged. Some center bearings within the center bearing plates of your garage door are made of plastic which can cause the garage door to bind. The same type of bearings are found in the end bearing plates of your garage door, which also tend to bind without proper lubrication, and become rough, putting more stress on other moving parts. All hardware and hinge replacement parts that Viking overhead carries are made from the same high strength steel, we will never compromise our quality for cheap manufacturing!

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Panel replacement is an alternative option to replacing a damaged door. In many cases when panels are damaged and the other wearable parts are still in good condition the panels may be replaced. There are some cases in which door manufactures go out of business, or discontinue a specific model, that result in needing the entire garage door replaced. However, in most cases a single panel or multiple panels can be replaced and is more cost effective for the customer. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when making the decision whether or not to replace the entire door or just the panels. Cost is the main factor! A rule of thumb for Viking Overhead of Burleson TX is, if there are 2 or more panels that need to be replaced along with wearable hardware on the door then we recommend replacement. If you've had your garage door for a number of years then more than likely the panels have faded, or been painted. Most homeowners dont figure in the cost of having the entire garage door painted after panel replacement and after its all said and done have sometimes spent as much or more for an entire garage door! If you have damaged panels on your garage door and would like expert advice, Call Viking Overhead of Burleson TX at 8176004224 to schedule a free onsite estimate.

New Garage Doors in Burleson, TX

Our wide selection of new garage doors in Burleson is available for any type of home or business and sensible when it comes to your budget. All of our skilled and knowledgeable technicians install new garage doors in Burleson with the most precise methods. As a testament to the skillful precision ingrained into our technicians, we even provide an option for a “center post knockout” which converts two small garage doors into one big garage door. Customers can choose from many garage doors from a broad range of styles and manufactures. Our technicians and staff members are the very best guides for assisting customers tailored to fit their new garage door purchase. We offer carriage-style wood, steel, and glass garage doors. Many other options are available such as insulated garage doors, which provide cost-effective heating and cooling efficiency within your home or business. Whether you need an upgrade or replacement, we make the process simple, smooth, and as enjoyable as possible. Below is a list of a few options you may consider when purchasing new garage doors, we can do it all!

Modern and Contemporary Steel Doors

Modern and contemporary style garage doors are becoming more and more popular. The Modern style garage doors are constructed the same as your standard "sandwich or double steel" doors. The difference is in the appearance. These doors carry the most options and are almost impossible to quote over the phone unless the customer has already done research and knows exactly what they are wanting. This is another reason Viking Overhead of Burleson TX offers free onsite estimates so we can show the customer color samples, brochures, and discuss exactly what the customer is looking for so we can provide a detailed and accurate quote. These doors can come in different textures like woodgrain or stucco for example, and also can appear to be a flat of flush door or can have horizontal grooves stamped into the garage door panels. The window options are endless with frosted, obscured, acrylic, and Low E being just a few. Feel free to give us a call and schedule an onsite estimate for your modern and contemporary garage doors at 8176004224. If you are wanting to do some research on these doors we highly recommend looking at Clopays "modern steel" line.

Standard Steel Doors

The most common type of garage doors are standard steel doors. The standard steel door can be identified by the design on the front of the garage door panel. Each garage door panel for this type of design has and equal number of raised beveled squares that run the length of the door giving each panel texture for an aesthetic effect. Nearly every garage door manufacturer carries this type of design, and that's why it's considered an industry standard garage door. Along with the design of the door, the industry standard for steel garage doors is also related to the thickness of the steel. Standard steel garage doors come in 27, 25, and 24 gauge steel. The higher the gauge however, the thinner the garage door. Viking Overhead recommends 24 gauge standard steel garage doors because they generally last longer. Thinner gauge steel standard garage doors tend to warp and bow over time, and will eventually require a replacement or panel reinforcement. Standard steel doors come in a variety of color options which can be matched with nearly any home! There are insulation options also available for standard steel garage doors. Hollow back standard steel doors are the most common type of garage door. Hollow back garage door panels are made from a single sheet of steel pressed and riveted together usually with four matching panels. Hollow backs or "pan doors" are a very good option for any homeowner looking for a budget-friendly solution for a new garage door. The next upgrade from a hollow-back for standard steel garage doors are insulated garage doors. Insulated standard steel garage doors add heat and energy efficiency to your home or business, keeping the cold out in the winter, and heat in, or vice-versa in the summertime. Standard steel insulated garage doors come in varying thicknesses and options for the type of insulation the customer prefers. This includes either styrofoam insulation, located within the garage door panels, or polyurethane injected standard steel garage doors. The insulation is hidden with a standard steel-back garage door which has each panel fused together as one making for a more solid construction as compared with a standard steel hollow back garage door. But no matter what option you may choose, Viking Overhead can accommodate any customer considering the purchase a new standard steel garage door!

Custom Hand-Made Cedar Wood Doors

Viking Overhead of Burleson pride ourselves in providing the best quality hand built cedar doors! True cedar garage doors have a beauty that can not be replaced by faux wood for certain applications, Although true cedar garage doors require more maintenance than faux wood, the craftsmanship and natural beauty is hard to replace! There are several options when it comes to cedar doors. Every cedar board that is used for building garage doors come with one side being smoothly sanded and the other side of the board rough and splintery. For a more rustic appearance the common choice by homeowners seems to be "rough side out" and "smooth side in" however these can easily be reversed for a more modern and sleek design by placing the smooth sanded side out. Each piece of wood used for building cedar doors in Burleson TX is kiln dried and hand selected to give a superior appearance when compared to other cedar garage doors in Burleson. There are two common types of cedar chosen by homeowners when designing a new cedar garage door to be built. Most customers choose "tight knot" western red cedar garage doors, while other like "clear cedar". Clear cedar is basically the same type of wood that goes through the same kiln dried process as the tight knot, however clear cedar basically means that the wood is "clear" of any knots. Clear cedar garage doors generally cost more than tight knot because there are only select boards to choose from that have no knots in the wood. Between the hundreds of build styles of cedar doors, along with the different finishes, as well as the type of wood, the options are endless! Staining the cedar garage doors yourself are an option as well as having the builders stain them in the wood shop. Our cedar garage door builders in Burleson TX can customize your wood garage door in any way imaginable! Whether its hand build window frames with obscure glass, or arched tops and curved designs, Viking Overhead of Burleson will build your doors exactly the way you want it!

Glass Doors

For years glass garage doors were always seen in fire departments and automotive service stations. Times have changed! These garage doors also known as "full view" garage doors are becoming very popular in restaurants, bars, kitchens, residential homes, and just about anywhere you can imagine. They give a very modern look and with tons of color options and glass options available the combination of designs are endless. Glass garage doors are typically constructed with high strength aluminium frames. Frames can be acid etched, powder coated, or even have faux wood print giving a rustic/modern look. Although these doors look expensive, there are several basic designs that are very affordable! The glass used in full view garage doors come in a variety of thicknesses. Some of the strength and efficiency options are low E, single pane, double pain, double strength, and tempered. Glass panes also come in a variety of finishes. Whether you want clear, frosted, obscure, or textured glass Viking Overhead of Burleson has the knowledge to answer any of your questions regarding full view glass garage doors. If the idea of having glass scares you there are alternative options that give the same appearance but are much stronger and safe. If your looking to stay away from glass then acrylic windows what you will need! Acrylic garage door windows also come in a variety of textures and finishes.

Faux Wood Doors

Faux wood garage doors are becoming more and more popular! Many customers prefer the wood look of garage doors but dont want the maintenance that come with them, this is when Faux Wood Garage Doors make an excellent choice. There are 2 main types of Faux Wood Garage Doors, the first is a steel garage door with a wood grain print and paint that covers the door and gives it the appearance of a true wood garage door. These prints and paints have come a long ways over the past 15 years and are not only offered with excellent warranties, but are also becoming more and more detailed and realistic looking. Many Brands offer a very realistic Faux Wood Print. Doorlink, CHI, and Clopay are some of our favorites depending on what style your looking for. The Second style of Faux Wood Garage Door are the doors made with composite overlays. Basically they are a flush or flat steel door with composite boards adhered to the exterior of the door giving it the same dimension that would be found on a traditional cedar or wood garage door. Clopay makes some of the nicest composite overlay doors in their "Canyon Ridge" line. Although they are most expensive than a traditional cedar door they are also an overall better quality door in terms of maintenance, R-Value, Structural Strength, and Durability. Viking Overhead of Burleson TX carries literature and knowledge to answer any questions you may have regarding Faux Wood Garage Doors!

Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Commercial sectional doors are very similar to residential garage doors in the way that they are both designed and operate. The main difference between residential and commercial garage doors is the strength and appearance. Most commercial buildings and businesses choose durability over appearance. The standard commercial garage door has several horizontal grooves and bends in the panels giving each panel added strength. The thickness of the steel and hardware also are much greater in commercial doors. Viking Overhead of Burleson TX is your local garage door company for any residential or commercial doors!

Rollup Doors

Roll up garage doors are known to most customers as "storage unit doors", They are usually installed in commercial settings or residential homes where there isn't enough room for standard garage door tracks. Although these doors don't require tradition tracks they do however require a fair amount of headroom for the barrel above the door. Usually these doors are inexpensive in smaller sizes and less prone to coming off track and that makes them ideal for storage and commercial facilities.

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel garage doors are often confused with roll up garage doors. The concept of the door is very similar in the fact that the curtain wraps around the barrel above the door giving the average guy the impression that the doors are all "roll up" doors. The difference between the two is simply this, a roll up garage door like the well known storage unit door has a 1 piece curtain, basically just a sheet of thin metal with corrugated stamping. The metal is thin enough to bend easily and therefore roll up without bending or cracking the steel. The rolling steel door however is much different and there are many small slats that are linked together so that each piece can pivot enough to circle the barrel above the door. These doors are constructed out of very heavy gauge steel compared to a roll up door. This is why they are given the name "rolling steel" These doors are usually only found in commercial buildings.

Our Hometown, Burleson, TX

Our wonderful community of Burleson Texas, the “City of Character”, is over a century old, rich in history, and growing in size, but still has that good old small-town feel. Originally, Burleson was built as a railway depot branching from Fort Worth, serving the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company also known as “The Katy”, making Burleson one of the most prominent suburbs of Fort Worth. In the late 1800’s the railroad company purchased a swath of land from Reverend Henry C. Renfro in an area that is now called “Old Town” Burleson. As part of the contract, Renfro insisted the town be named after his teacher, Rufus Columbus Burleson, a former President of Baylor University. October 10, 1881 is the considered the official founding day of Burleson, when the first lot was sold.

Since then, the small town located in Tarrant and Johnson counties has steadily grown to a population of just under 50,000 people. Modern-day Burleson residents and local businesses enjoy ground transportation for entertainment, employment and many other opportunities for growth and development near downtown Fort Worth, just 12 miles away. The people of Burleson also enjoy ease of access to the I-35 corridor merely minutes away from I-20 and State Highway 67, great for exploring the North Texas area.

Burleson offers plenty to do with family-friendly establishments as well as drinks and after-hours places available with great beer and live entertainment. Local restaurants in the area have a variety of tastes and flavors including all-American barbeques, Tex-Mex style grills, Steakhouses, Pizza places, Mexican cuisines, Japanese cuisines, plus a few popular chain restaurants known nationwide. While in Burleson, many people enjoy exploring the local shopping centers and grocery stores nearby.

A plethora of local events are held in the City of Character throughout the year. Concerts, veteran appreciation, and national holiday celebrations are an integral part of everyday life in the lively town of Burleson. Food, games, music and local crafts are among some of the favorite family activities held throughout the year. The families of Viking Overhead are proud to be members of this community and are happy to serve our friends and neighbors.

Viking Overhead appreciates you Burleson!

-Thank You, to all our customers in Burleson, TX

Garage Door Repair Near Burleson, TX

Garage Door When your garage door stops working, you need service right away. No matter what repairs your garage door system needs, you can count on our team at Viking Overhead of Burleson to provide you with garage door repair services near Burleson to get the job done right.

Viking Overhead Door technicians receive the most intense training in the industry. They’re full-time employees certified in garage door repair and service, not subcontractors. Plus we offer our exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty on every repair we do. So whether you need a new garage door, opener, or springs, you can trust our team to help.

But just as important as having a garage door technician you can trust is working with one whom you get along with. That’s why we make sure to hire technicians who have personalities that match our strong values of friendly and professional service. The result is an extraordinary customer experience no matter which one of our certified technicians you work with.


We’re confident in our products and stand behind the work we do. That’s why we offer a limited lifetime warranty with our maintenance plan. It’s important for us at Viking Overhead of Burleson to make sure that the repair process is as easy as possible for you.

Our team of certified technicians will provide you with professional garage door spring repair and high-grade parts so your garage door will work properly again. If you’re experiencing any issues with your garage door system or if you think there might be a problem with the garage door springs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

-Thank You, to all our customers in Burleson, TX

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Viking Overhead is hands down the best! My garage door decides to cave in and come of the tracks at at about 8:30 one night. After numerous calls to other company’s... Viking Overhead answered and Kyle came out to look at it THAT NIGHT... IN THE DARK!!! He got the door back on the tracks and secured for the night. Then scheduled to come back the next day to determine what needed to be done and make the repairs. I was impressed with so many thing about Kyle and overhead garage doors. There willingness to come out after I’m sure a long day to secure my home so my child and I were safe. Refusing to accept any kind of tip for it. Then the next day he shows up for his appointment on time with good news! I was sure I was going to have to buy a whole new garage door then he starts recommending some minor repairs and adjustments. My door has never been quieter or worked better than it does now.

He has earned me as a customer and willing promoter for life. Thanks Viking Overhead! Special thanks to Kyle for making it happen and being honest about what needed to be done instead of just selling me something I didn’t need to make a profit. Contractors like you are few and far between!!!