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Ample storage space is a staple requirement within the garage of modern homes and if there’s one thing that most property owners will agree on; it’s that reliable storage can make a lot of difference to the functionality of the family garage Regular cupboards and drawers can be a great solution, but even these can act to detract from the internal features of a modern garage. This is why so many people in Phoenix are opting for custom built cabinets in their garage– a storage solution that can make the most of any space, without restricting the storage potential.

What makes these storage options so beneficial?

Not all garages are the same size, let alone a similar shape. This can make deciding on a particular type of wardrobe especially tricky. Customised closets cater to this challenge, as they can be designed and installed in a way that suits the occupant of the room or home. Being able to hire a team of professionals can make a lot of difference, as they will be able to identify the best spots for storage, make plans for construction and then ensure that everything proceeds as intended.

There is the cost of hiring an expert to consider however, but in most instances this is a fairly minimal fee considering the potential of the results. Where traditional cupboards won’t normally be fitted and will be freestanding, custom closets will be designed to fit perfectly into a specific location; thus freeing up space whilst enhancing the aesthetics of a room.

A range of possibilities for your garage cabinets

As common as wall-mounted cabinets might be, there’s also the option of having an internal storage unit installed within an unused room, or walk-in wardrobe. Not only can these types of installations save space; they can also help to ensure that the atmosphere within a room is maintained. This is one of the main reasons why home owners opt for in built custom storage solutions in their garage, so that they can store accessories and infrequently used equipment; without affecting the space within the garage.

There’s also the option to have shelves installed within the closet to provide a little further versatility and although shelves might be common within regular cupboards, their position will often be predefined - so it can be quite challenging to install them in a way that benefits the person actually using the storage area.

Having a customised garage area installed is very easy and all that you will need to do is get in touch with a custom closet builder for a quote, or to book your project. Living with poor storage space is enough to put a negative spin on anyone’s accommodation and opting for a much more functional personalised storage facility can be far more beneficial.

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