Patch Notes

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Patch Notes v. 3.8.0 (Challenges)

-Added Custom Name Tags Above Player for Donor Ranks and Staff

-200+ Custom Challenges

-1.12 or Above press L to see custom challenges

-New Challenge Crate

-Receive a Mystery Box or a Challenge Key by completing challenges

-Reduced Mine Bomb Percentage in Miner Crate

-Fixed some bugs for Minecraft 1.8 Clients

-Shulker Box Prices Changed to XP

-New Warp Section for Tag Mines

-Crystals are craftable into sea lanterns

-Added Auto Fly for Donor Ranks

-Reduced Lag

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.7.0 (Cosmetic Update V2)


-Added Mine Bombs

-Updated the Buy and Sell Shop

-Added Prestige Crate

-Added Master Crate

-Added better loot to Voting and Ancient Crates

-Updated Items in the Free Gift Crate

-Added a New Cosmetic System

-Added Mystery Boxes with up to 5 tiers (5 Being the Best)

-Added a better disguise plugin

-New Cosmetic System fixed item deletion

-Cosmetic Inventory item should not duplicate anymore

-Added mystery powder, which can add up to buy a mystery box

-If you get the same cosmetic you get mystery powder as replacement

-Added more /tags

-Fixed /pick

-Removed the Crystal System

-New items in the Donation Store with better pricing

-Added Coins to Meteorites in Donation Store (Bundle)

-Removed old items in Donation Store

-New Features Coming Soon!

-Reduced Lag

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.5.0 (OP Prison)

-The server has been changed to an OP Prison

-Inventories does not clear anymore

-Spawn is now in a new location

-Donor Ranks have slightly better OP Picks

-[Tags] Mines will have upgrades for the OP Pick

-Anvil is now craftable

-Iron Pick is now craftable

-Added Join and Leave messages

-Sword and Bow upgrades now use coins

-Sell Signs for SkyBlock has been added

-Axe Upgrades are in Wood Mine

-Explosive Picks are inheritable but not the Mines

-Fixed the Mine Reset Signs

-Reduced Lag

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.4.7

-Added Explosive Picks all the way up to level 20

-Added Coins use /coins

-Tags have been tweaked to make it fit with Prestige 1000

-3 more donor mines have been added

-Added a new SkyWars plugin with a better system.

-Each Donor Rank gets their own Sell Prices for Donor Mines.

-Every 3 Donor Ranks has a new Donor Mine

-There is now a Drop Party area with a mine

-Diamond Equipment is now craftable in SkyWars

-Sell Prices have been tweaked to accurately reflect rank

-New Prestiges, Mines, and Tags are coming soon

-SkyBlock save issues have been fixed. No one should lose Islands anymore.

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.4.5

-Added Meteorites

-Get Meteorites By Prestiging and/or Playing Every 6 hours

-Added [Tags] to replace [Miner]

-Changed back to the Diamond Pick Inventory System

-Update the Tiers in Custom Enchants

-Better Enchants will be in Better Tiers

-Made the Lores on the Enchantments Look Better

-Updated Plugins for Better Functionality

-Switched to a Different Storage System

-New Features Coming Soon in Relation to [Tags] and Meteorites

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.4.0

-Changed the Inventory System

-The Warp Menu Tells Which Enchant is Next

-You Can No Longer Drop items

-Iron Pickaxe is Now the Main Pickaxe

-Iron Pickaxe Has been Tweaked to Act Like Diamond Pickaxe's

-Prestiges Clear Inventories Again

-The Donator Ranks Now Has Better Items

-The Donator Ranks Now Has Cumulative Discounts

-Made the Tablist Look More Professional

-Blocked Crafting of Anvil's and Iron Pickaxe's

-Lag Has Now been Significantly Reduced

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.3.3

-Added a Crate that Spawns in Mines

-Removed Mining, Rare, Noob, and Ultra Crate

-Items that Appear in Old Crate System will Appear in the New

-Iron and Gold Ore Now Gives XP

-Added a Miners Crate

-Added a Trading System

-Fixed the Black Market

-Balanced Crystals in Mines

-Balanced Sell Prices with an Exponential Curve

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.3.0

-Added a New Up-to-Date SkyBlock Plugin

-Fixed Inventory Bug with SkyBlock

-All SkyBlock's Have Reset

-Updated Trails

-Updated Disguises

-Updated Chat Filter Plugin

-Reduced Clutter in Server Files

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.2.9

-Remade the Customizable Pick

-Reset Inventories and Enderchests

-Prestiges Doesn't Clear Inventories Anymore

-Weapons/Tools can be Bought and Stored

-XP Now Auto Picks Up

-Fixed Up Prestiges Again

-Staff has Access to /Punish

-New Security Measures in Place

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.2.8

-Added a Plugin that Fixes Ghost Blocks

-Added a Customizable Pick at Prestige 1

-Added a New Shop Plugin with Multipliers

-Added Sell All Multipliers After Almost Every Prestige

-Made the Donor Mine/ Shop Better

-Tweaked Custom Enchants

-Fixed Up Prestiges

-Lots of Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.2.5

-Added a New JukeBox Plugin

-Added a New Shop Plugin

-Added an Auction House

-Added /sellall Command

-Added XP Boosters

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.2.0

-Added 80+ Custom Enchants

-Added Another Crate for the Mines (Ultra)

-Added a Better MOTD Look

-Hover Features on MOTD

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.1.7

-Added a New Inventory System

-Reset Inventories

-Get Rid of Useless Items with /trash

-Fixed SkyWars Deleting Inventories

-Bug Fixes

Patch Notes v. 3.0.0 (Cosmetic Update)

- Updated To 1.12.2 (Cross-Compatible With Other Versions)

- Added Cosmetics (Pets, Gadgets, Mounts, Hats, Emotes, Particle Effects)

- Added a Subscription Option

- A Rare Treasure Chest Key in the mines.

- A Second In-Game Currency System (Crystals)

- Obtain Crystals in the Mines

- Armor Upgrades Require Crystals

- Skulker Boxes are Now Bought with Crystals

- Upgrade Tools/Armor with Crystals

- Convert EXP to Crystals

- Changed how PvP Worked

- Big Changes, which Required Us to Reset Everyone, but Prestiges Stay the Same.

- A Lot of Unnoticeable Changes to Help Improve Performance And Playability.

- Bug Fixes