★ Galactic Prison ★


The Galaxies of the Unknown to be Known!

Server IP: play.gaprison.net

OP Prison:

We recently had a huge overhaul with our current system. In the past it was a more traditional prison server now this server has been changed to an OP Prison Server. You start with a basic level OP Pick, and overtime you can start upgrading that OP Pick. Every prestige and every 6 hours you get 1 meteorite. Use meteorites to buy custom tags, which then give you explosive pick upgrades. Some of those tags will contain new mines, which will contain upgrades for your OP Pick. There are also mine bombs with different levels to help you along with your mining journey. This server contains PvP with over 80+ custom enchants for picks, weapons, and armor, so you can become the OP Champ. There are 1000 prestiges, with infinite sell all multipliers up to 5x and rankup discounts up to 50% off, so mine to your heart's content.

SkyBlock/ SkyWars:

As stated before, in SkyBlock take any mine material from Prison and bring it to your SkyBlock. We have created Custom Islands to give you a better SkyBlock experience. There are many challenges to accomplish and so much building.

In SkyWars, each map is custom made with Custom Kits. No wait times! Have a least two people to start and enjoy the fight.


In this, pretty much fight to the death. Oh and mob spawning is on so good luck with that... In all seriousness, not really, the weapons that you upgrade in prison and put custom enchants on can be taken into KitPvP. There is also diamond armor hidden in the Prison world for you to buy and enchant. Do whatever you can to be the most powerful and take the throne as King or Queen of PvP!

Hope to see you there!